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25 craters
General information

Moon symbol decrescent Lunar Republic


25.00 craters



Measurements and composition

31.4 g


40 mm


silver-plated brass








Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon, Earth, year


View of the Moon, value

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The 25 crater coin is a fantasy coin of the Lunar Republic that was produced in 2013. As a fantasy piece, the coin does not hold the status of legal tender anywhere in the world, and only has value to collectors. It is currently being distributed by Bahtinov Vitaly, the coin's designer.

The coin is composed of silver-plated brass, weighs approximately 31.4 grams, and measures roughly 40 millimeters in diameter. It bears a reeded edge and has medallic alignment. Featured on the obverse is an image based on a photograph[el 1] of American astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin (1930–), one of the three men sent to the Moon in 1969 on the Apollo 11, standing on the Moon's surface. Displayed in the background of the depiction is the Earth. Starting at the left rim of the coin and extending upward along the periphery before ending near the top of the obverse is the legend "LUNAR REPUBLIC". The inscription "44 L.E. ~ 2013 C.E." is written below, arched around the legend. The date "44 L.E." signifies the 44th year of the "Lunar Era", which began when the crew of Apollo 11 set foot on the Moon in 1969, while the "2013 C.E." refers to the year 2013. The cratered surface of the Moon is used as the background for the coin's reverse, with portions being darkened to portray the Moon's far side. Inscribed into the lighter portion of the reverse are the letters "V", "IT", "AL", "IY", "A", "NO", "TI", "LI", "AH", "NA", "B", which spell out the name of the artist and someone else when the letters are combined. The purported value "25 CRATERS" is written in the dark area of the obverse, the number and the word being printed on separate lines and the former being significantly larger than the latter. At the very bottom of the coin are eight five-pointed stars arranged in an arch and a symbol similar to the Cyrillic letter "Б" (be).

Only 200 examples of this coin were produced, each in proof quality. The piece is currently being sold via certain online coin suppliers, such as JFV Coins and Joel's Coins, and by Bahtinov Vitaly himself by email.[el 2]


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