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1 penny
Magdalen token illustration
An 1869 illustration of the coin
General information
Used by

Flag of Quebec Magdalen Islands


1 penny = 1240 pound



Measurements and composition

17.25 g


33.5 mm






Seal on ice, year


Split cod fish, value

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The 1 penny coin is a token coin issued by the Magdalen Islands of Quebec in 1815 under Sir Isaac Coffin. It had a value equal to 1240 of a pound. It has been mentioned in many numismatic sources and catalogs, including the British Numismatic Circular and the Standard Catalog of World Coins. Due to the coin's rarity, it is often sought after by numismatists, particularly those who collect currency of the British Empire and Canada.

The coin is composed of copper. It weighs 17.25 grams and measures 33.5 millimeters in diameter. The token's edge is engrailed. An image of a seal on a floe of ice is displayed in the center of a circular frame on the obverse. The words "MAGDALEN ISLAND TOKEN" are inscribed above this frame, and the date "1815", flanked by two objects similar to plus signs (+), is displayed below. In the center of the reverse is a split, dried cod fish, also enclosed within a circle. The inscription "SUCCESS TO THE FISHERIES", which refers to the fishing industry essential to the islands' economy, is displayed in the upper periphery of the reverse, while the value "ONE PENNY" is written at the bottom, with a small point at either side. A small quantity of 1 penny token coins from the Magdalen Islands were produced at the Birmingham Mint in the United Kingdom, and are today worth approximately between US$45 and US$2000 depending on condition, according to the Standard Catalog of World Coins.


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Maple Leaf (from roundel) Coins of Canadian provinces and territories
British Columbia Gabriola Island: ½ oz
Lasqueti Island: 110 oz½ oz$1
Vancouver Island: 110 oz$11 T$20
Lower Canada 1 S2 S
Newfoundland Official: 10¢20¢25¢50¢$2
Medallic: 1 S1 C
New Brunswick ½d1d - ½¢10¢20¢
Nova Scotia ½d1d - ½¢
Prince Edward Island 1/-5/-
Quebec Anticosti Island: ⅛d
Magdalen Islands: 1d
Quebec: 1 lys
Upper Canada ½d1d