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"Maldivian 1 rupee coin" redirects here. For the coin issued circa 1750 (AH1163) on the Maldives, see Maldivian 1 rupee coin (1750).
Maldives 1 rufiyaa 2007
Coin from 2007
General information

Flag of Maldives Maldives


1.00 rufiyaa



Measurements and composition
  • 6.4 g (1982-1996)
  • 6.54 g (2007-2012)

25.9 mm


1.8 mm

  • cupronickel-clad steel (1982)
  • cupronickel (1984-1996)
  • nickel-clad steel (2007-2012)







Emblem of the Maldives, state title, year


Knot, state title, value

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The 1 rufiyaa coin, is a circulation piece that has been issued in three types since 1982 by the Republic of the Maldives (referred to as the "Maldive Islands" in the Standard Catalog of World Coins). Earlier examples were made at a mint in West Germany, and all pieces of the denomination have been distributed by the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), the Maldivian central bank. The coin has a legal tender face value equivalent to 1.00 rufiyaa. In addition to circulation pieces, a commemorative coin of the denomination was issued in 2011 in celebration of the then upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


Circulation coins (1982–2012)[]

Maldives 1 rufiyaa coin 1982

Coin from 1982

The first Maldivian 1 rufiyaa coin was produced in 1982 in West Germany under commission of the Maldives Monetary Authority. Such a coin is composed of a cupronickel alloy and has a mass of approximately 6.4 grams, a diameter of 25.9 millimeters, and a thickness of 1.8 millimeters. It has medallic alignment and a reeded edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Featured in the center of the obverse is the emblem of the Maldives – which consists of a coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) and star and crescent between two poled Maldivian flags and above a ribbon bearing the Arabic "الدولة المحلديبية" (Romanized: Ad-Dawlat Al-Mahaldheebiyya; English: "State of the Mahal Dibayat"[N 1]) in naskh style. Printed along the coin's rim below the arms is the state title of the Maldives, "ދިވެހި ރާއްޖެ" (Dhivehi Raajje; English: "Island Kingdom"), in the country's native tongue. The Gregorian date is engraved in Western Arabic numerals at the upper left periphery of the piece, while the Islamic date is inscribed in Eastern Arabic numerals in the top right periphery, the former slanted in an upward direction and the latter in a downward direction. In the center of the reverse, the Western Arabic numeral "1" is printed in a large font. Following it below in much smaller print is the Maldivian word "ރުފިޔާ" (rufiyaa) followed by its Romanized equivalent: "RUFIYAA". Combined, these three elements identify the value of the coin. Inscribed along the upper periphery of the coin, commencing upward at the piece's left boundary, arching downward at the top, and concluding at the right rim, is the English state title of the Maldives, which reads "REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES". The remainder of the rim is occupied by an illustration of a knotted rope, the letters "MMA" for the Maldivian Monetary Authority written below in small text.

Maldives 1 rufiyaa coin 1996

Coin from 1996

In 1984, the second type of 1 rufiyaa coin was introduced. This type is identical in appearance to the first and bears its same measurements. The only difference is that the more recent coin is composed solely of cupronickel, whereas the earlier 1982 piece was made of cupronickel-clad steel. Aside from in 1984, the second type was also minted in 1990 and 1996. A handful of examples produced in 1984 were struck in proof quality.

The third type of 1 rufiyaa coin was introduced in 2007, and was most recently emitted in 2012. It is identical in appearance to and has the same diameter of its predecessors; however, the third type differs in that it is made of nickel-plated steel and has a mass of approximately 6.54 grams, being slightly heavier than the earlier 6.4 gram coins.

Years of minting
Gregorian date Islamic date
1982 ١٤٠٢ (1402)
1984 ١٤٠٤ (1404)
1990 ١٤١١ (1411)
1996 ١٤١٦ (1416)
2007 ١٤٢٨ (1428)
2012 ١٤۳۳ (1433)

Olympics commemorative coin (2011)[]

The 1908 Summer Olympics in London marked the official introduction of association football (soccer) to the Summer Olympic Games. It has since been included in every Summer Olympic Games except 1932 in Los Angeles. Football is one of the most popular sports in the Maldives, and in celebration of the sport's 1908 inclusion in the Olympics, and also the then upcoming 2012 Olympics in London, the Maldives Monetary Authority allowed for the production of celebratory 1, 20, and 500 rufiyaa coins in 2011. They were authorized to be sold by the German World Coin Association. The 1 rufiyaa piece is composed of silver-plated copper and has a mass of 26.03 grams and a diameter of 38.61 millimeters. It is round in shape.

Displayed in the center of the obverse is the emblem of the Maldives, accompanied at the upper left periphery by the upward-angled Gregorian date "2011" and at the upper right by the downward-slanted Islamic date "١٤٣٢" (1432). Engraved in a counterclockwise direction along the bottom left rim is the English word "MALDIVES", followed at the lower right periphery by the Maldivian equivalent: "ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ" (Dhivehi Raajje). Featured in the middle of the reverse is an illustration of two male football players, each kicking a football (soccer ball) in the air. Behind them in the background are stripes representing the field, along with the Elizabeth Tower (often referred to as the Big Ben) and part of London, a stadium, a large tower, and several trees. A majority of the image is shown within a circular border, but portions of the Elizabeth Tower and London, the tower, the trees, and the players extend beyond. Inscribed in a clockwise direction at the upper periphery of the piece, outside of the border, is the legend "FOOTBALL AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES 1908-2012", which commences at the left side of the piece and concludes at the right. The first three words are written in larger print than the final words and the date. Engraved counterclockwise at the bottom of the reverse is the face value of "1 RUFIYAA". Both the obverse and reverse rims are raised.

The total mintage of the 2011 1 rufiyaa commemorative is currently unknown. All specimens were coined with a proof finish.


  1. "State of the Mahal Dibayat" is what the Maldives were often referred to as by medieval Arab travelers.


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