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2 rufiyaa
Maldives 2 rufiyaa 2007
Coin from 2007
General information

Flag of Maldives Maldives


2.00 rufiyaa


19952007 (AH1415–1428)

Measurements and composition

11.7 g


25 mm


3.3 mm










Triton's trumpet (Charonia tritonis) shell, Gregorian and Islamic dates, state title


Knotted rope, state title, value

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The 2 rufiyaa coin is a circulation piece that was issued in 1995 and 2007 by the Republic of the Maldives (referred to as the "Maldive Islands" in the Standard Catalog of World Coins). It replaced a previous banknote of the same denomination. The piece currently has a legal tender face value equivalent to 2.00 rufiyaa, and circulates on the Maldives as the highest denominated coin in frequent use. The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales, was commissioned to strike the coin by the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), the current Maldivian central bank.

The piece is composed of a nickel-brass alloy and has a mass of 11.7 grams, a diameter of 25 millimeters, and a thickness of approximately 3.3 millimeters. It is round in shape and has medallic alignment. Inscribed along the edge is incuse English text reading "REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES", accompanied by several reeds. Displayed in the center of the obverse, designed by an official at the Royal Mint, is the conch shell of the Triton's trumpet (Charonia tritonis), a species of sea snail found throughout the Indo-Pacific, which surrounds the Maldive Islands. Angled upward at the top left rim of the piece is the Gregorian date in Western Arabic numerals (i.e. "1995"), and slanted downward at the top right is the corresponding Islamic date in Eastern Arabic numbers (i.e. "١٤١٥"; 1415). Inscribed horizontally below the illustration of the conch shell is the name of the Maldives in its native Maldivian – "ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ" (Romanized: Dhivehi Raajje) – which roughly translates to English as "Land of the Dhivehi People". The large numeral "2" (dhé) is displayed in the center of the reverse with serifs on its ends. It is followed below by the Maldivian "ރުފިޔާ" (rufiyaa) and the Romanized equivalent "RUFIYAA". Both of these words are printed on separate lines in a significantly smaller font than that of the numeral that precedes them. Engraved along the rim of the piece is the English "REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES", which continues in a clockwise direction from the left to right peripheries of the reverse. The remainder of the periphery is occupied by a decorative knotted rope. Under this illustration are the "MMA" initials of the Maldives Monetary Authority in small print.

The total mintage of the 2 rufiyaa coin is currently unknown. During its years of production, in 1995 and 2007, only business strikes were made.

Gregorian Islamic
1995 ١٤١٥ (1415)
2007 ١٤٢٨ (1428)


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