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5 ouguiya
General information

Flag of Mauritania Mauritania


5.00 ouguiya


19732012 (AH1393–1434)

Measurements and composition

6 g


25 mm

  • aluminum-bronze (1973-2003)
  • copper-plated steel (2004-2005)
  • brass-plated steel (2009-2012)







Seal of Mauritania, bank title, Gregorian year, value


Wreath and star and crescent, bank title, Islamic year, value

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The 5 ouguiya coin is a circulation piece of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania that was issued intermittently from 1973 to 2012 in three subtypes. The first, introduced in 1973, was produced until 2003, and replaced in 2004 by a second subtype. 2005 marked the last year of the coin, and a new piece was then struck in 2009 and subsequently in 2012. The coins were minted at a facility in Kremnica, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) and issued by the Central Bank of Mauritania. They carry a legal tender face value equivalent to 5.00 ouguiya.

Coins produced from 1973 to 2003 are composed of an aluminum-bronze alloy, whereas those dated 2004 to 2005 are made of copper-plated steel, and those of 2009 and 2012 are brass-plated steel. Due to the presence of steel in the latter two, they are magnetic. Regardless of the compositions, all pieces weigh approximately 6 grams and measure 25 millimeters in diameter. The 5 ouguiya coin has coin alignment and a plain edge, and is round in shape. Featured at the top center of the coin's obverse is a portion of the seal of Mauritania – which consists of a palm tree and millet in the foreground and an upward Islamic star and crescent in the background, inside of a circular boundary. The value "5 OUGUIYA" is inscribed on two lines below the seal, the numeral significantly larger than the word. The Gregorian date of minting is also written in Western Arabic numerals below the seal, separated between the first two and last two digits by the bottom of the illustration. The French title of the Central Bank of Mauritania, "BANQUE CENTRALE DE MAURITANIE", is written in a counterclockwise direction along the rim of the piece, starting at the upper left periphery and concluding at the upper right. Printed in the center of the reverse is the face value "أوقية ٥‎" (Romanized: ḵamsatun (5) ūqiyya) on two lines, with the numeral printed in a larger font than the word. Surrounding some of this text is a depiction consisting of a wreath and upward star and crescent. All of the aforementioned reverse elements are displayed within a circular border. Written along the upper rim outside of such a boundary, with portions extending past it, is the Arabic title of the Central Bank of Mauritania, "البنك المركزي الموريتاني" (al-Bankun al-Markaziy al-Muritaaniy). It is inscribed in a counterclockwise direction from the bottom right periphery of the coin to the bottom left. The Islamic date of minting is shown at the bottom of the reverse in Eastern Arabic numerals, separated from the bank title by the two patterns. The rims of both the obverse and reverse are raised.

The total mintages of the three subtypes of 5 ouguiya coin are currently unknown.

Islamic date Gregorian date
١٣٩٣ (1393) 1973
١٣٩٤ (1394) 1974
١٤٠١ (1401) 1981
١٤٠٤ (1404) 1984
١٤٠٧ (1407) 1987
١٤١٠ (1410) 1990
١٤١٤ (1414) 1993
١٤١٦ (1416) 1995
١٤١٨ (1418) 1997
١٤٢٠ (1420) 1999
١٤٢٣ (1423) 2002
١٤٢٤ (1424) 2003
١٤٢٥ (1425) 2004
١٤٢٦ (1426) 2005
١٤٣٠ (1430) 2009
١٤٣٤ (1434) 2012


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