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1 peso

Mexico 1 peso 22-VII-1970 obv Mexico 1 peso 22-VII-1970 rev

Banknote from 1970

General information

Bandera del Primer Imperio Mexicano First Mexican Empire
Flag of Mexico Mexico


$1.00 (8 reales)

  • 1823
  • 19361970

156 mm (1936-1970)


68 mm (1936-1970)

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  • white (1823)
  • Black, red (1936-1970)
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The 1 peso banknote was first issued by the First Mexican Empire in 1823. Nearly 110 years later, the Republic of Mexico introduced its first 1 peso banknote in 1936. Production of the note ended in 1970. Today, they are not commonly found in circulation, and have a value equal to one thousandth of a peso.


Peso imperial mexicano

Note from January 1, 1823.

On January 1, 1823, the first 1 peso note (valued at 8 Mexican reales) was introduced. It was predominantly white in color with black ink. Displayed on the obverse was the coat of arms of Mexico with the value and a promise to pay the bearer the written value of the note. There was no design on the reverse of this issue. Later that year, on May 5, a new 1 peso note was introduced. This note's obverse was similar to the January 1 issue, but rather than the reverse having no design, images and text were added. Both notes were eventually demonetized.

During 1936, the Republic of Mexico introduced its first 1 peso note (shown above). It had dimensions of 156 millimeters in width by 68 millimeters in height. The obverse, which was printed with black ink over a multicolored underprint, displayed the Aztec sun stone in the center, with the value and year at its sides. On the reverse, which was predominantly red in color, El Ángel de la Independencia (The Angel of Independence) was displayed. It was printed by the American Banknote Company.


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