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25 centavos
Mexico 25 centavos 1964
Coin from 1964
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Flag of Mexico Mexico



  • 18691892
  • 19501953
  • 19641966
Measurements and composition
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  • 6.76 g (1869-1892)
  • 3.33 (1950-1953)
  • 5.5 g (1964-1966)
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  • 26 mm (1869-1892)
  • 21 mm (1950-1953)
  • 23 mm (1964-1966)
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Coat of arms of Mexico, state title

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The 25 centavo coin was first minted by Mexico during 1869. New issues were later introduced during 1950 and 1964. It had a value of $0.25 (quarter peso, cuarto de peso), but today, it is not issued.


First coin[]

25 centavos de Zacatecas de 1889 (anverso y reverso)

Coin from 1889.

During 1869, the first 25 centavo coin was introduced. It was composed of .9027 fine silver, weighed 6.76 grams, and had a diameter of about 26 millimeters. Displayed on the obverse was the coat of arms of Mexico with the state title (REPUBLICA MEXICANA) above and the year of minting below. Shown on the reverse was a law with scales above it and a sword behind. Under all of this was the value, and above was a Phrygian cap. A number of these coins were produced at several mints located across Mexico until 1892.

Second silver issue[]

25 centavos de México de 1951 (anverso y reverso)

Coin from 1951.

During 1950, Mexico introduced its second 25 centavo coin. It was composed of .300 fine silver, weighed 3.33 grams, had a diameter of 21 millimeters and a thickness of 1 millimeter. The edge was milled. Its obverse featured the coat of arms of Mexico with the state title (ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS). Displayed on the reverse were the law, scales, sword, and Phrygian cap similar to those on the previous coin, but more stylized. Above these was the value (inscribed as "25 Cs."), and below was the year of minting. These coins were produced until 1953. A total of 185,640,000 were minted.

Final issue[]

In 1964, Mexico introduced its final issue of the 25 centavo coin (see above). Unlike the previous coins, this one was composed of cupronickel. It had a mass of 5.5 grams and a diameter of 23 millimeters. The coin's edge was reeded. Displayed on the obverse was the coat of arms of Mexico with the state title (ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS) above. Shown on the reverse was former president, Franciso Y. Madero with the value (inscribed as "VEINTICINCO CENTAVOS") and year above. In 1966, the coins were introduced again, with two varieties. On the coat of arms on the obverse, one variety of the coin showed the eagle with an open beak, while the other showed it with a closed beak. This design is known as the Madero Quarter Peso (Peso del cuarto de Madero).


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