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7.77 g (2006)


23 mm (2006)

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The 50,000 peso coin was issued by Mexico in 2006 to commemorate that year's FIFA World Cup. Before then, two unrelated pattern coins of the denomination were struck in 1990.

History and description[]

In 1990, the Bank of Mexico commissioned the Mexican Mint to produce two varieties of a 50,000 peso coin: one in cupronickel and one in silver. The coat of arms of Mexico, which consists of a Golden Eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake, is displayed on the reverse, accompanied by the title "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" ("United Mexican States"). A facing portrait of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata is present on the reverse. Above his portrait is the value, inscribed as "$50,000". To the left of Zapata's likeness is the mint mark of the San Luis Potosí Mint (Mo) and the caption "EMILIANO ZAPATA", and to the right is the year of minting.

In 2006, Mexico issued a 50,000 peso coin commemorating that year's FIFA World Cup, which was held in Germany from June 9 to July 9. The coin is composed of .999 fine gold. It weighs 7.77 grams and measures 23 millimeters in diameter. The coat of arms of Mexico is featured on the reverse, with the state title inscribed above. A kneeling Mayan ball player dressed in traditional attire is displayed on the reverse. A stone ring is present at the top right of the coin, and below it is a soccer ball (football). Above the kneeling figure is the inscription "COPA MUNDIAL DE LA FIFA ALEMANIA 2006" ("FIFA World Cup Germany 2006"), and below is the coin's value, inscribed as "$50,000 MEXICO", and the "Mo" mint mark. Approximately 9505 examples of this proof coin were struck.


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