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7.07 g


26 mm


2 mm


bimetallic: aluminum-bronze center, stainless steel ring








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The Mexican centenary and bicentenary 5 peso coins make up a series of commemorative coins issued by the United Mexican States from 2008 to 2010 in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920). A total of 37 pieces were coined, each in honor of a different person.


Mexico cent. and bicent


Each of the coins is bimetallic, bearing a center composed of an aluminum-bronze alloy and a ring made of stainless steel. The coins have a mass of 7.07 grams, a diameter of 26 millimeters, and a thickness of 2 millimeters. They have coin alignment and a plain edge, and like most coins, are round in shape. Featured in the aluminum-bronze center of the obverse are the primary features of the coat of arms of Mexico – which consists of a left-facing Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) perched on a prickly pear cactus (Opuntia) while devouring a snake (Serpentes). At the bottom of the arms, which is engraved in the stainless steel outer ring, are oak (Quercus) and laurel branches tied together by a ribbon. Printed along the upper rim of the coin, in the outer ring, is the Spanish state title of Mexico, "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (English: "United Mexican States"), which commences in an upwards direction at the left periphery, arches downward at the top of the piece, and concludes at the right rim. Depending on whether the coin was issued for the centenary of the Revolution or the bicentenary of independence, either a patriot or a revolutionary is displayed in the middle of the reverse. On a majority of the pieces (23), the value "$5" is inscribed to the left of the commemorated person's likeness, while the "Mo" mint mark of the Mexican Mint and the year of minting are struck to the right of the image. However, a significant number (13) are oriented with the year and mint mark on the left and the value on the right. The only exception to both orientations is the 2008 coin of Pancho Villa (1878–1923), which shows the value and year above his image and the mint mark to the left. On all of the pieces, a caption is arched around the boundary of the aluminum-bronze center. Coins commemorating the Mexican Revolution bear the text "CENTENARIO DE LA REVOLUCIÓN" (English: "Centenary of the Revolution") along the upper rim, whereas those celebrating Mexican independence feature the legend "BICENTENARIO DE LA INDEPENDENCIA" (English: "Bicentenary of Independence"). Both inscriptions begin upwards at the left periphery, arch downward at the top of the coin, and conclude at the piece's right boundary. "MÉXICO 2010" is printed at the very bottom of the obverse, separated from the legend above it by two bullet points.


The first thirteen coins of the series were issued in 2008; of them, seven commemorate individuals related to the Mexican War of Independence and six celebrate people of the Mexican Revolution. The patriots featured include Carlos María de Bustamante (1774–1848), a notable participant in the War of Independence; Hermenegildo Galeana (1762–1814), a hero and lieutenant of the war; Mariana Matamoros (1770–1814), a Catholic priest and rebel lieutenant general; Francisco Javier Mina (1789–1817), a Spanish-born lawyer and army officer who, opposed to the absolute rule of King Ferdinand VII (1784–1833), aided insurgent forces in the War of Independence; Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos (1760–1808), a lawyer and politician who openly supported Mexican independence and was later executed for his statements against the King; Miguel Ramos Arizpe (1775–1843), a Mexican politician who was imprisoned for opposing the absolutist rule of Ferdinand and later served as a justice minister in independent Mexico; and Ignacio López Rayón (1773–1832), a leader of the Mexican War of Independence. Revolutionaries commemorated include Ricardo Flores Magón (1874–1922), a reform activist who fought against the government; Heriberto Jara Corona (1879–1968), a revolutionary who served as the Governor of Veracruz and helped draft the 1917 Mexican Constitution; Francisco J. Múgica (1884–1954), a famous revolutionary and Governor of Tabasco and Michoacán; Álvaro Obregón (1880–1928), a revolutionary who would eventually serve as President of Mexico; José Vasconcelos (1882–1959), a politician who opposed the regime of Victoriano Huerta (1850–1916); and Pancho Villa (1878–1923), the general of the revolutionary Villistas.

2008 coins
Image Person information Coin information
Name Conflict Caption Mintage
Carlos Maria de Bustamante 5 peso coin 2008 Carlos María de Bustamante Mexican Independence "CARLOS MARÍA DE BUSTAMENTE" 9,941,302
Ricardo Flores Magon 5 peso coin 2010 Ricardo Flores Magón Mexican Revolution "RICARDO FLORES MAGÓNE" 9,940,278
Hermenegildo Galeana 2008 Hermenegildo Galeana Mexican Independence "HERMENEGILDO GALEANA" 9,935,901
Heriberto Jara 5 peso coin 2008 Heriberto Jara Corona Mexican Revolution "HERIBERTO JARA" 9,936,333
Mariano Matamoros 5 peso coin 2008 Mariano Matamoros Mexican Independence "MARIANO MATAMOROS" 9,947,802
Francisco X Mina 2008 Francisco Javier Mina Mexican Independence "FRANCISCO XAVIER MINA" 9,914,938
Francisco J. Mugica 5 peso coin 2008 Francisco J. Múgica Mexican Revolution "FRANCISCO J. MÚGICA" 9,926,537
Álvaro Obregón 2008 Álvaro Obregón Mexican Revolution "ÁLVARO OBREGÓN" 9,948,722
Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos 5 peso coin 2008 Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos Mexican Independence "FRANCISCO PRIMO DE VERDAD Y RAMOS" 9,937,000
Miguel Ramos Arizpe 5 peso coin 2008 Miguel Ramos Arizpe Mexican Independence "MIGUEL RAMOS ARIZPE" 9,927,433
Ignacio Lopez Rayon 5 peso coin 2008 Ignacio López Rayón Mexican Independence "IGNACIO LÓPEZ RAYÓN" 9,934,397
Jose Vasconcelos 5 peso coin 2008 José Vasconcelos Mexican Revolution "JOSÉ VASCONCELOS" 9,939,839
Francisco Villa 5 peso coin 2008 Pancho Villa Mexican Revolution "FRANCISCO VILLA" 9,917,084


In 2009, another thirteen coins were produced, six commemorating the Mexican War of Independence and seven celebrating the Mexican Revolution. Patriots depicted on the coins of this year include Nicolás Bravo (1786–1854), a famous combatant in the War of Independence and a later President of Mexico; José María Cos (c. 1770–1819), a well-known insurgent; Agustín de Iturbide (1783–1824), a general who later became the sole monarch of the First Mexican Empire; Servando Teresa de Mier (1765–1827), an advocate and insurgent for Mexican independence; Pedro Moreno (1775–1817), an insurgent who rallied against Spanish rule in Mexico; and Leona Vicario (1789–1842), a supporter of Mexican independence who provided rebels with intelligence and money during the war. The revolutionary leaders commemorated on the coins are Luis Cabrera Lobato (1876–1954), a politician and writer who opposed the regime of President Porfirio Díaz (1830–1915); Belisario Domínguez (1863–1913), a politician who spoke out against Victoriano Huerta and was subsequently executed for expressing his sentiments; Eulalio Gutiérrez (1881–1939), a combatant in the Mexican Revolution and short-serving President of Mexico; Filomeno Mata (1845–1911), a supporter of the candidacy of Francisco Madero (1873–1913) at the beginning of the revolution; Andrés Molina Enríquez (1865–1940), an author whose influential 1909 novel, Los Grandes Problemas Nacionales (The Great National Problems), was highly critical of the Díaz regime; Otilio Montaño Sánchez (1887–1917), a general of the Liberation Army of the South; and María del Carmen Serdán (1875–1948), a sympathizer for the cause of Francisco Madero.

2009 coins
Image Person information Coin information
Name Conflict Caption Mintage
Nicolas Bravo 2009 Nicolás Bravo Mexican Independence "NICOLÁS BRAVO" 6,930,174
Luis Cabrera 2009 Luis Cabrera Lobato Mexican Revolution "LUIS CABRERA" 6,902,593
Jose Cos 2009 José María Cos Mexican Independence "JOSÉ MARÍA COS" 9,935,040
Belisario Dominguez 2009 Belisario Domínguez Mexican Revolution "BELISARIO DOMÍNGUEZ" 6,926,606
Eulalio Gutierrez 5 peso coin 2009 Eulalio Gutiérrez Mexican Revolution "EULALIO GUTIÉRREZ" 6,908,760
Agustin de Iturbide 2009 Agustín de Iturbide Mexican Independence "AGUSTÍN DE ITURBIDE" 6,944,222
Filomeno Mata 5 peso coin 2009 Filomeno Mata Mexican Revolution "FILOMENO MATA" 9,935,689
Servando Teresa de Mier 2009 Servando Teresa de Mier Mexican Independence "SERVANDO TERESA DE MIER" 6,937,421
Andres Molina Enriquez 5 peso coin 2009 Andrés Molina Enríquez Mexican Revolution "ANDRÉS MOLINA ENRÍQUEZ" 6,942,763
Otilio Montano 5 peso coin 2009 Otilio Montaño Sánchez Mexican Revolution "OTILIO MONTAÑO" 6,890,052
Pedro Moreno 5 peso coin 2009 Pedro Moreno Mexican Independence "PEDRO MORENO" 6,942,480
Carmen Serdan 5 peso coin 2009 María del Carmen Serdán Mexican Revolution "CARMEN SERDÁN" 7,160,841
Leona Vicario 5 peso coin 2009 Leona Vicario Mexican Independence "LEONA VICARIO" 6,937,872


The final eleven centenary and bicentenary 5 peso coins were issued in 2010; of these eleven pieces, six commemorated the War of Independence and five celebrated the Mexican Revolution. The six patriots featured on the 2010 coins are Ignacio Allende (1769–1811), a captain of the Spanish Army who came to sympathize with and join the Mexican independence movement; Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez (1773–1829), a conspirator whose home was the meeting place of Mexican insurgents in the early stages of the war; Vicente Guerrero (1782–1831), a leading rebel general; Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753–1811), a prominent leader of Mexican independence who is today hailed as the "Father of Mexico" for his contributions; José María Morelos (1765–1815), a rebel leader who assumed leadership of the Mexican independence movement after the death of Hidalgo; and Guadalupe Victoria (1786–1843), a military officer who became the first President of Mexico following the abdication of Iturbide in 1823. Adelitas, women who served in the Mexican Revolution, are honored on one of the centenary 5 peso coins, as well as Venustiano Carranza (1859–1920), a revolutionary general who opposed the regimes of Díaz and Huerta and eventually became President of Mexico; Francisco Madero (1873–1913), a leader who fought against Díaz and served briefly as President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913; José María Pino Suárez (1869–1913), the Vice President of Mexico under Francisco Madero; and Emiliano Zapata (1879–1919), the founder and leader of the Liberation Army of the South.

2010 coins
Image Person information Coin information
Name Conflict Caption Mintage
Soldadera 2010 Adelita Mexican Revolution "SOLDADERA" 6,936,336
Ignacio Allende 2010 Ignacio Allende Mexican Independence "IGNACIO ALLENDE" 6,939,957
Venustiano Carranza 5 peso coin 2010 Venustiano Carranza Mexican Revolution "VENUSTIANO CARRANZA" 6,936,993
Josefa de Dominguez 2010 Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Mexican Independence "JOSEFA ORTIZ DE DOMÍNGUEZ" 6,396,400
Vicente Guerrero 5 peso coin 2010 Vicente Guerrero Mexican Independence "VICENTE GUERRERO" 6,929,709
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 5 peso coin 2010 Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Mexican Independence "MIGUEL HIDALGO Y COSTILLA" 6,932,486
Francisco I. Madero 5 peso coin 2010 Francisco Y. Madero Mexican Revolution "FRANCISCO I. MADERO" 6,930,998
Jose Morelos y Pavon 2010 José María Morelos Mexican Independence "JOSÉ MARÍA MORELOS Y PAVÓN" 6,927,961
Pino Suarez 2010 José María Pino Suárez Mexican Revolution "JOSÉ MARÍA PINO SUÁREZ" 6,930,255
Guadalupe Victoria 2010 Guadalupe Victoria Mexican Independence "GUADALUPE VICTORIA" 6,935,638
Emiliano Zapata 5 peso coin 2010 Emiliano Zapata Mexican Revolution "EMILIANO ZAPATA" 6,921,306


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