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50 cupon

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Obverse and reverse

General information

Flag of Moldova Moldova


50.00 cupon




119 mm


37 mm

Security features





coat of arms of Moldova


Soroca Fortress

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The 50 cupon banknote was issued by the Republic of Moldova in 1992, and remained in circulation until the Moldovan leu was introduced in 1993.

The note is predominantly green in color, and like all cupon notes of Moldova, measured 119 millimeters in width by 37 in height. The coat of arms of Moldova is featured in the left center of the banknote's obverse. At the top left corner is the year of printing, and at the bottom left is the logo of the National Bank of Moldova, the authority responsible for the production of all Moldovan currency since 1991. The title of the bank ("BANCA NATIONALA A MOLDOVEI") is printed at the top of the note in green ink. The beginning of a serial number to printed using red ink is written below the word "BANCA", and the end is located near the bottom of the note, underneath the value, "CUPON 50", which is printed in a large font to the right of the coat of arms. Below the ending serial number is text that reads "Falsificarea acestor bilete se pedepseste conform legilor", which translates from Romanian to English as "The forging of paper money is punishable by law". A large rosette is displayed at the left on the reverse, with the number "50" printed at the note's top and bottom left corners. To the right of the rosette is a portrait of the Soroca Fortress, a historic fort located in present-day Soroca. Above and below this depiction is the number "50", which signifies the note's value. In order to hinder counterfeiting, a watermark was implemented.


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