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Monasteries of Moldova
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Monasteries of Moldova series
General information

Flag of Moldova Moldova


50.00 lei



Measurements and composition

16.5 g


30 mm







  • plain (2000)
  • reeded (2012-2013)

Coat of arms of Moldova, state title, value, year



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Monasteries of Moldova (Romanian: Mănăstirile Moldovei) is a series of commemorative coins of the Republic of Moldova. Initially introduced in 2000 by the National Bank of Moldova (BNM), the series was revived in 2012 and 2013. Of the 22 coins in the series, 20 were made in 2000, while 1 was made in 2012 and 2013 each. While all carry a legal tender face value equivalent to 50.00 lei in Moldova (excluding Transnistria), they are intended for collectors and thus do not see much (if any) general circulation.

History and background[]

Article 57 of the Law on the National Bank of Moldova, passed in 1995 by the Moldovan Parliament, authorizes the National Bank of Moldova (BNM) to distribute commemorative currency. Moldova, a primarily Eastern Orthodox nation, contains numerous historic monasteries dating as far back as the 15th century. On December 25, 2000, the BNM exercised its right to issue non-circulating legal tender by introducing the Monasteries of Moldova series, in celebration of Moldova's cultural and religious heritage. Twenty monasteries were featured on twenty different proof coins produced that year at the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The pieces were initially distributed in as many as 1,000 sets, but many of these sets were subsequently broken down and the coins were sold individually to collectors. The monastery in Căpriana received many of the coins celebrating the 15th century structure through donations by a bank. As such, this particular piece is harder to come by than most of the other 2000 coins and carries a higher price tag.

On October 10, 2012, nearly twelve years after Monasteries of Moldova began, the BNM introduced what was claimed to be the final coin of the series, with a mintage limit of 2,000 pieces. However, the following year, on November 29, 2013, a twenty-second piece was introduced with the same production limit.

Only one of the Monasteries of Moldova coins currently appears in Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins: the piece for the monastery in Rudi.


MoM obverses

The obverse from 2000 (left) and 2012 and 2013 (right)

All of the Monasteries of Moldova coins are composed of silver (in 2000 .925 fine, later .999 fine) and have a mass of 16.5 grams and diameter of 30 millimeters. They have medallic alignment and are round in shape. The pieces from 2000 all have a plain edge, while the later two coins bear a reeded edge.

Featured on the obverse of all examples are four basic elements: the coat of arms of Moldova, the Romanian "REPUBLICA MOLDOVA" (English: "Republic of Moldova"), the date of minting, and the face value. However, the exact designs and placement of these objects differs between 2000 and 2012 and 2013. Displayed in the center of both earlier and later coins is the coat of arms – which consists of an eagle with a shield on its breast containing an aurochs (†Bos taurus primigenius) head, an eight-pointed star for the sun, a five-petaled flower, and the crescent moon of Moldavia. The eagle holds in its dexter talon an olive branch, in its sinister a scepter, and in its beak an Orthodox cross. On 2000 coins, the heraldic illustration is compressed, whereas on the 2012 and 2013 pieces it is longer vertically. Arched clockwise along the side rims of both obverse varieties is the Romanian state title of Moldova, the "REPUBLICA" printed at the left periphery and "MOLDOVA" at the right. However, on the original obverse this text is significantly larger than it is on the 2012 and 2013 coins, and the font type between the two differs. The date is printed horizontally at the top of 2000 examples, flanked at either side by a small point, while on the later coins it arches along the upper rim of the obverse. On both varieties the value "50 LEI" is printed horizontally on two lines at the bottom of the piece, but on the former of the two it is significantly larger, and on the latter a horizontal line separates it from the bottom of the coat of arms.

The reverse of each coin features a different monastery, accompanied by its name in Romanian.

The obverse and reverse rims of all years are raised, but on the latter two dates they are more defined.



Coins were made in 2000 celebrating the monasteries in Bursuc, Călărăşăuca, Căpriana, Chiţcani, Condrița, Curchi, Cuşilăuca, Dobrușa, Frumoasa, Hîrbovăţ, Hîrjauca, Hirova, Japca, Răciula, Rudi, Saharna, Suruceni, Tabăra, Țigănești, and Vărzărești.

2000 coins
Image Monastery Reverse illustration Caption
Calarasauca rev Călărăşăuca Monastery,
The several monastery buildings "MĂNĂSTIREA CĂLĂRĂŞĂUCA"
Capriana rev Căpriana Monastery,
Saint George Church of the monastery "MĂNĂSTIREA CĂPRIANA"
Noul Neamt rev Noul Neamţ Monastery,
Monastery building "MĂNĂSTIREA NOUL NEAMŢ"
Condrita rev Condrița Monastery,
Monastery buildings "MĂNĂSTIREA CONDRIŢA"
Curchi rev Curchi Monastery,
Monastery buildings "MĂNĂSTIREA CURCHI"
Cusilauca rev Cuşilăuca Monastery,
Monastery building, trees "MĂNĂSTIREA CUŞILĂUCA"
Dobrusa rev Dobrușa Monastery,
Monastery buildings, surrounding landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA DOBRUŞA"
Frumoasa rev Frumoasa Monastery,
Monastery building "MĂNĂSTIREA FRUMOASA"
Hirbovat rev Hîrbovăţ Monastery,
Monastery buildings, landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA HÎRBOVĂŢ"
Hirjauca rev Hîrjauca Monastery,
Monastery building, landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA HÎRJAUCA"
Hirova rev Hirova Monastery,
Monastery building, landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA HIROVA"
Japca rev Japca Monastery,
Monastery building, surrounding landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA JAPCA"
Hincu rev Hîncu Monastery,
Monastery building, landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA HÎNCU"
Raciula rev Răciula Monastery,
Monastery buildings, landscape "MĂNĂSTIREA RĂCIULA"
Rudi rev Rudi Monastery,
Monastery building, tree "MĂNĂSTIREA RUDI"
Saharna rev Saharna Monastery,
Monastery buildings "MĂNĂSTIREA SAHARNA"
Suruceni rev Suruceni Monastery,
Monastery buildings "MĂNĂSTIREA SURUCENI"
Tabara rev Tabăra Monastery,
Monastery building "MĂNĂSTIREA TABĂRA"
Tiganesti rev Țigănești Monastery,
Monastery building, trees "MĂNĂSTIREA ŢIGĂNEŞTI"
Varzaresti rev Vărzărești Monastery,
Monastery building, trees "MĂNĂSTIREA VĂRZĂREŞTI"


Main article: Moldovan 50 leu coin/2012

In 2012 a coin commemorating the monastery in Butuceni was produced.

2012 coin
Image Monastery Reverse illustration Caption
Butuceni rev Butuceni Monastery,
Monastery entrance "MĂNĂSTIREA BUTUCENI"


Main article: Moldovan 50 leu coin/2013

During 2013 a piece memorializing the monastery in Țipova was manufactured.

2013 coin
Image Monastery Reverse illustration Caption
Tipova rev Țipova Monastery,
Monastery building, tree "MĂNĂSTIREA ŢIPOVA"


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