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2 francs
Moresnet coin Revue
An 1869 illustration
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Flag of Moresnet Neutral Moresnet


2.00 francs



Measurements and composition
  • bronze
  • copper
  • gold
  • silver



Janiform head of Leopold I and Frederick William IV, year

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The 2 franc coin of Neutral Moresnet was minted in 1848. Such a coin was not given the status of legal tender, and its exact origins are currently unknown. It was first mentioned in the Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium's Revue de la Numismatique belge of 1869, and was subsequently covered in the UK-based Numismatic Circular during the early 20th century. The coin is currently listed in Krause's Unusual World Coins under the "LA CALAMINE" subsection of "BELGIUM MORESNET".

The coins of Moresnet were made using a number of metals, including bronze, copper, gold, and silver. In addition, three known design varieties of the 2 franc coin were minted. The first, most notable variety features a janiform head of King Leopold I of Belgium and King Frederick William IV of Prussia in the center of the obverse inside a beaded circular frame. The Latin legend "SUB DUPLICI PRAESIDIO LIBERTAS" and the date "1848" are inscribed along the outer rim. The escutcheons of the coats of arms of Belgium and Prussia are displayed next to each other in the middle of the reverse, albeit without crowns. Above is the value "2 F" and two shaking hands, and below are two branches tied together by a bow. Written around the upper periphery is the French text "COMMUNE LIBRE DE MORESNET" (English: "Free Commune of Moresnet"). The second known variety uses the "escutcheon" design for its obverse, and the French words "VIVRE ET PROSPERER SOUS LA DOUBLE PROTECTION DE LA PRUSSE ET DE LA BELGIQUE" (English: "Live and prosper under the double protection of Prussia and Belgium") for its reverse. The third variety, which does not feature its value, uses the "janiform head" design for its obverse and the French text on its reverse. A number of uniface trial strikes were minted as well.


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