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The Morgan Dollar is a $1.00 coin issued by the United States Mint from 1878 to 1904 and another 17 years all the way until 1921, before the Peace Dollar. This coin is very popular among collectors. It was designed by George T. Morgan. It was struck in a composition of 90% Silver and 10% Copper. The coin was worth in today’s money at least 100 Dollars. Pretty good if you gamble in the west if your a fan but this coin was very pretty and was soon going to be out of currency and uncirculated after 1902 But with the crash of the stock market. They brought the Silver Dollar and they are making a new copy!! It was made in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. The mint mark is found under the eagle and when they are found. The worth can lead up at least 1,500 dollars. They were replaced with the 50 Cents with the dollar being the last of its type. It was replaced by many as the Walking Liberty, The Kennedy in the 1960’s and so on. The Morgan is a pretty well minted and the security code is on the side with bumps. Many mints did it many times as we have it around the world and now on the US Quarter with President/General Washington and the National Bird.

This coin is being re made in 2021 with plastic fillings and steel alloy. It will be worth 21 dollars and 20 cents for everything and whilst it may seem like a bad idea. It’s not as the Silver Dollar is a great convertible coin from a paper dollar as the dollar may be more efficient. For a more old fashioned way to make you feel like your in the west again. By me. If they add a better system of Innovation of security for no counterfeit. I am happy if you think the silver dollar is bad or good and have a great day. :)


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