This article is about the coin from the reign of John V of Portugal (r. 1706–1750). For the 1894 token, see Mozambican 10 real coin (token).
10 réis
General information
Country Mozambique

10.00 réis


c. 17061750 (ND)

Measurements and composition

12 g


26 mm






Coat of arms of Portugal, abbreviated state title



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The 10 real coin is a circulation coin that was issued by Mozambique during its period as a colony of Portugal under King John V (Portuguese: João V; 1689–1750), whose rule lasted from 1706 to 1750. The piece had a face value equivalent to 10.00 réis prior to its eventual demonetization.

The coin is composed of copper and has a mass of approximately 12 grams and a diameter of roughly 26 millimeters. It is round in shape. Displayed in the center of the obverse is the lesser Portuguese coat of arms – which consists of an escutcheon bearing an outer border featuring seven castles and a center displaying five smaller escutcheons with five bezants in each. A crude crown is engraved above the illustration of the arms, and the letters "ME" (abbreviated for the Portuguese Moçambique) in the center of the coin are separated by the arms. Printed in the middle of the reverse is the letter "I" for Ioannes, the Latin name for King John V, followed by the value, written as "Io" (10). A circle is present above the inscriptions, and the entire contents of the reverse are enclosed within a circular border wrapping around the rim.

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