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Namibian kalahar

The Namibia Reserve Bank (Afrikaans: Namibie Reserwebank) was the proposed name of the central bank of Namibia after the nation's independence from South Africa during March 1990. Moves to replace the South African rand within the country were made soon after, creating a proposed currency called the kalahar. However, all of these proposals eventually came to an end, so in 1993, the Bank of Namibia was opened, and the Namibian dollar was adopted.


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Namibian dollar
Banknotes $10$20$50$100$200
Coins 5 c10 c50 c$1$2$5$10$20$100
Miscellaneous Bank of NamibiaCommon Monetary AreaSouth African rand
Namibian concepts and patterns
Kalahar 2 k5 k10 k20 k
Patterns Dollar: $1$10; Mark: 1 M10 M; Rand: 100 r
Miscellaneous Erik KarlssonNamibia Reserve Bank