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5 dollars
Namibia 5 dollar coin 1993
General information

Flag of Namibia Namibia





Measurements and composition
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  • 6.22 g (general)
  • 1.24 g (commemorative)

24.9 mm (general)

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coat of arms of Namibia, year, value

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The 5 dollar coin was minted by Namibia during December 1993. Though not minted, these coins are still found in circulation. In 2000, a commemorative coin denominated as 5 dollars was introduced as well.


During December 1993, the only general issue 5 dollar coins were minted. These are composed of brass, have a mass of 6.22 grams, and a diameter of 24.9 millimeters. Displayed on the coin's obverse is the coat of arms of Namibia with the year of minting and state title (REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA). On the reverse is an African Fish Eagle by the design of a partial sun and the value. The edge of the coin is milled.

In 2000, Namibia produced a commemorative 5 dollar coin on the occasion of 10 years of Namibia's independence. It was composed of .999 fine gold and had a mass of 1.24 grams. Shown on the obverse was the coat of arms of Namibia with the year of minting and state title. Displayed on the reverse were two lions, one male and one female. Above them was the inscription, "10 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE", and below were the years, "1990" and "2000" with the value. Only 55 proof coins were made.


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