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The Namibian kalahar was a proposed currency of Namibia made in 1990 to replace the South African rand. However, eventually the plans came to an end, and the kalahar, though printed, was never issued.

Banknotes printed in denominations of 2, 5, 10, and 20 kalahar were printed. No coins were ever produced.


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Namibian dollar
Banknotes $10$20$50$100$200
Coins 5 c10 c50 c$1$2$5$10$20$100
Miscellaneous Bank of NamibiaCommon Monetary AreaSouth African rand
Namibian concepts and patterns
Kalahar 2 k5 k10 k20 k
Patterns Dollar: $1$10; Mark: 1 M10 M; Rand: 100 r
Miscellaneous Erik KarlssonNamibia Reserve Bank