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Banco Nacional de Angola (Portuguese)

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The National Bank of Angola (Portuguese: Banco Nacional de Angola) is the central bank of Angola. Its headquarters is located in Luanda, the nation's capital. It is the sole entity permitted to produce currency for Angola.


Escudo banco nacional ultramarino en 100 esc

The bank's origins are tied to the BNU.

In 1864, the Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) was established in Lisbon, Portugal, primarily as a bank of issue for Portuguese overseas territories. The following year, in 1865, the BNU opened a branch in Luanda, Portuguese Angola. When the Portuguese established a separate bank for Angola, the Bank of Angola (Portuguese: Banco de Angola), in 1926, the Banco Nacional Ultramarino transferred its branch in Stanleyville to the Bank of Angola, which in 1934, transferred the branch to Boma, before closing in 1947.

After Angola had gained its independence in 1975, the government nationalized the banking center, and the Bank of Angola became the National Bank of Angola. It functioned as a central bank, bank of issue, and a commercial bank until April 20, 1991, when it was restricted to the role of central bank. Beginning in 1999, the National Bank of Angola began implementing reforms to meet international standards.


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