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1 dollar
Niue 1 dollar 2009
General information

Flag of Niue Niue





Measurements and composition

17.3 g (standard)


32 mm (standard)


aluminum-brass (standard)


Elizabeth II, state title, year (standard)


Swordfish, value (standard)

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The 1 dollar coin of Niue was first introduced as a commemorative issue in 1996. From that date forward, the small island country has continued to produce non-circulated collector coins of the denomination. The first (and only) standard issue 1 dollar coin was introduced in 2009.


Commemorative coins (1996–present)[]

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Niue 1 dollar 1996 Jaguar

A 1 dollar coin from 1996.

The first 1 dollar coins of Niue were .500 silver commemoratives struck in 1996. Over the next few years, the only coins of the denomination were composed of cupronickel until .999 silver coins were issued alongside base metal pieces in 2001. Production of 1 dollar coins ceased in 2002, but recommenced in 2005 with coins made of silver. Even though a majority of coins issued from that date forward were struck in silver, a handful of gold coins were also minted. Among the most common themes of Niuean commemorative coinage are historical events, the Christian bible, the Chinese zodiac, and popular culture. Other themes include dogs, the Olympic Games, art, and wildlife.

Standard coin (2009)[]

The first standard issue 1 dollar coin of Niue was minted in 2009, and has not been produced since. It is composed of aluminum-brass, weighs 17.3 grams, and measures approximately 32 millimeters in diameter. Raphael David Maklouf's right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is featured in the center of the obverse, with the caption "ELIZABETH II" inscribed to the left, "NIUE ISLAND" written to the right, and the date 2009 printed below. A depiction of a swordfish (Xiphias gladius) is engraved on the reverse, accompanied by the title "NIUE" and the value "ONE DOLLAR". The contents of both sides of the coin are surrounded by a decorative border.

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