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25 cents
North Borneo 25 cents 1929
General information

Flag of North Borneo North Borneo





Measurements and composition

2.83 g


18 mm






Coat of arms of the North Borneo Company


State title, value, year

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The 25 cent coin is a circulation coin that was issued in 1929 by North Borneo, a British protectorate that consisted of the current Malaysian state of Sabah. It had a value equivalent to 0.25 dollars prior to its demonetization in 1953. The piece was produced at the Birmingham Mint in England and distributed by the administrative North Borneo Company.

The coin is composed of .500 fine silver (50% silver, 50% copper) and has a mass of 2.83 grams and a diameter of 18 millimeters. Like most coins, it is round in shape. Featured in the center of the obverse is the full coat of arms of the North Borneo Company – which consists of an image of a Bornean boat sailing in the water in the base of an escutcheon and a heraldic lion passant guardant in the chief above it. In the arms, the escutcheon is supported on both sides by a Dayak warrior, the one at the left carrying a shield and the one at the right bearing a sword. Surmounting the escutcheon is a crest consisting of two arms holding the pole of a flag that bears a lion passant guardant, and underneath the shield is a scroll containing the Latin motto "PERGO ET PERAGO" (English: "I undertake and I achieve"). Written underneath the arms, at the very bottom of the coin, in small print, is the "H" mint mark of the Birmingham Mint. The value is inscribed as "25 CENTS" in the center of the reverse, the numeral and word on separate lines and the former printed significantly larger than the latter. It is surrounded by a circular dotted boundary. Written outside of this boundary, along the rim of the coin, is the English title "STATE OF NORTH BORNEO", which commences at the lower right periphery, arches downward at the top of the coin, and concludes at the bottom right rim. The date "1929" is written at the very bottom of the piece, separated from the state title by two bullet points.

In total, a little more than 400,000 examples of the 25 cent coin were produced. A handful were minted in proof quality.


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