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20 buqsha
YAR 20 buqsha 1963
General information

Flag of North Yemen Yemen Arab Republic


20 buqsha = ½ rial


1963 (AH1382)

Measurements and composition

9.85 g


30 mm








Arabica coffee branch, wreath, year


Sprays, state title, value

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The 20 buqsha coin is a circulation coin that was issued in 1963 by the Yemen Arab Republic, commonly referred to as North Yemen, a former state comprising the northern and eastern provinces of the modern Republic of Yemen. It had a face value equivalent to 20 buqsha, or ½ of a rial, prior to its eventual demonetization.

The coin is composed of .720 fine silver (72% silver, 28% copper) and has a mass of 9.85 grams and a diameter of 30 millimeters. It has medallic alignment, and like most coins, is round in shape. Displayed in the center of the obverse is the branch of an arabica coffee plant (Coffea arabica)[note 1], which is often described in the Standard Catalog of World Coins and related works as a "leafy branch." A decorative wreath surrounds portions of the illustration, engraved from the left rim of the obverse to the top of the piece and then concluding at the right periphery. The Islamic date is printed in Eastern Arabic numerals as "١٣٨۲" (1382) at the very bottom of the coin, commencing near the left portion of the wreath. Next to it, near the right portion of the wreath, the Gregorian date "۱۹٦٣" (1963) is inscribed. Both of the dates are separated from each other by a dash. Featured in the center of the reverse is the value in Arabic, "بقشة ٢٠" ‎(20 buqsha), the numeral "٢٠" (20) and word "بقشة" (buqsha) printed on separate lines with the former inscribed in a larger font than the latter. This indication of the value is enclosed within a circular boundary. The Arabic state title of the Yemen Arab Republic, "الجمهوريّة العربية اليمنية" (Romanized: al-Jumhūrīyah al-`Arabīyah al-Yamanīyah), is written along the upper rim of the coin, commencing at the right periphery, arching downward at the top of the coin, and concluding at the left rim. The remaining portion of the rim is occupied by decorative sprays.

A mintage of approximately 1,016,000 examples of the 20 buqsha coin was produced.


  1. Coffee was an important export of the Yemen Arab Republic, and continues to be produced for export in the current Republic of Yemen.


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