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Numisma, also referred to as Vladimir World Coins, is a numismatics website established by Russian coin collector Vladimir Startsev in 2000.[1] It contains information and photos of a variety of coins in Startsev's collection. The site is currently online. It is listed as the 48th site in the Coin Top 100 list of the best numismatic websites.[2]

The State of Numisma, an internet-based micronation for coin collectors, was established in 2010. Its proclaimed "capital" is the Numisma website.[3]


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The main page as of 18 September 2012.

Vladimir World Coins was founded by Russian coin collector Vladimir Startsev during late 2000. It was initially assigned the URL, but was moved to, its current domain, in December 2003. Also in 2003, the site name was changed to "Numisma", an alternate form of the Latin word nomisma, which translates to "coin", "currency", or "money".[1][4] One of the more notable additions to the site was the introduction of an "unusual coins" section during late 2004, which includes non-legal tender coins issued by non-official entities such as self-proclaimed governments, rebel provinces, and micronations.[1] The site recently celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2010, and in commemoration of this event, three hundred specially-made 10 "numismaru" coins were struck at the Moscow Mint on Startsev's request, and were sold for a limited time on the Numisma website.[3] Such coins eventually became listed in Krause's Unusual World Coins under a section entitled "Numisma".[5] The site continues to be updated with new additions to Vladimir Startsev's collection.

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State of Numisma




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The State of Numisma is an internet-based "micronation" established in 2010 upon the introduction of Numisma's commemorative 10 numismaru coin. The micronation has no political structure, and any coin collector may consider themselves a member or citizen of the state. In spite of this, however, a purported "capital", the Numisma website, has been proclaimed.[3]

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