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2 marken
Oldenburg 2 mark 1901
1901 coin
General information

Flag of the German Empire German Empire
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (1871) Grand Duchy of Oldenburg



  • 1891
  • 19001901
Measurements and composition

11.11 g


28 mm





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The 2 mark coin was originally minted by the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg in 1891, during Grand Duke Peter II's reign. A second issue was introduced in 1900, following Peter's death and Frederick Augustus II's accession to dukedom.


Oldenburg 2 mark 1891

The coin of Peter II.

The first 2 mark coin of Oldenburg was minted in 1891. It was composed of .900 fine silver, weighed about 11.111 grams, and measured 28 millimeters in diameter. Then-current Duke of Oldenburg, Peter II was engraved on the coin's obverse, partially encircled by a legend reading "NICOLAUS FRIEDR. PETER GR.H.V. OLDENBURG" around the coin's circumference. An "A" was inscribed below the effigy of Peter, which indicated the coin was produced at the Berlin Mint. Depicted on the coin's reverse was the Reichsadler of the German Empire, accompanied by the state title of the German Empire (DEUTSCHES REICH), the year of minting, and the coin's value. At least 100,000 of these coins were produced, with a few being struck in proof quality.

Frederick Augustus II's reign as Duke of Oldenburg began on June 13, 1900, following Peter II's death. As a result, a new Oldenburg 2 mark coin was issued that year. The effigy of Peter II was replaced with one of Frederick Augustus, and the legend above the new effigy read "FRIEDRICH AUGUST GROSSHERZOG V. OLDENBURG", to match the new image. Other than the mentioned changes, no other alterations were made between the two coins. A total of 125,000 were minted between 1900 and 1901, with 260 examples from 1901 being struck in proof quality.


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