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150 balboa
General information

Flag of Panama Panama


150.00 balboa

  • 1976
  • 1980
Measurements and composition

9.5 g (1976)

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  • 26 mm (1976)
  • 27 mm (1980)
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  • Platinum (1976)
  • Gold (1980)





Simón Bolívar, year


coat of arms of Panama, value

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The 150 balboa coin was a commemorative coin minted by Panama during 1976 and 1980. The reason behind its strange denomination is the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of an event in both the years it was minted.


The first 150 balboa coin was minted during 1976 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Congress of Panama. It was composed of platinum, had a mass of 9.5 grams, and measured 26 millimeters in diameter. Displayed on the obverse was Simón Bolívar, with legends reading, "SESQUICENTENARIO DEL CONGRESO DE PANAMA" and "1826, 1976". Shown on the reverse was the coat of arms of Panama with the year of minting and state title (REPUBLICA DE PANAMA). About 13,000 of the platinum coins were minted.

In 1980, a second 150 balboa coin was minted. This coin commemorated 150 years since the death of Simón Bolívar. Unlike the previous coin, it was composed of .500 fine gold and had a diameter of 27 millimeters. On the obverse was an image of Simón Bolívar, along with the legends, "1830 · SIMON BOLIVAR · 1980" and "SESQUICENTENARIUM". Displayed on the reverse was the coat of arms of Panama along with the year of minting, state title, and an inscription declaring the coin's precious metal content. Only 1837 of the 1980 coins were produced.


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