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2 balboas
General information

Flag of Panama Panama


2.00 balboa

Measurements and composition

8.5 g


28 mm


2.15 mm


Nickel, brass, and steel




coin (assumed)


Vasco Núñez de Balboa, year


Coat of arms of Panama, state title, value

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The 2 balboa coin is a coin that is expected to be issued the National Bank of Panama. Examples were produced in 2011, but the coin itself has not been put into circulation.

The coin is bimetallic, having an outer ring composed of brass, nickel, and steel, and a center composed of nickel and steel. It weighs approximately 8.5 grams, measures 28 millimeters in diameter, and 2.15 millimeters in thickness. Spanish conquistador, Vasco Núñez de Balboa is depicted in the center of the coin's obverse, with his name inscribed above in brass-nickel-steel ring, and the year inscribed below. The coat of arms of Panama is displayed in the center of the coin's reverse. Above the coat of arms is the state title of Panama (REPUBLICA DE PANAMA), and below it is the value (inscribed as "DOS BALBOAS").


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Panamanian balboa
Banknotes 1 B5 B10 B20 B
Coins ½ c1 c1¼ c2½ c5 c10 c25 c50 c110 B¼ B½ B1 B2 B5 B10 B20 B25 B50 B75 B100 B150 B200 B500 B1000 B1500 B

Non-balboa: ½ c$20

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