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75 balboas
General information

Flag of Panama.svg Panama


75.00 balboas



Measurements and composition

10.6 g


28 mm








Coat of arms of Panama, state title, value


Flag of Panama, year

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The 75 balboa coin is a commemorative coin that was issued by the Republic of Panama in 1978. It commemorates the 75th anniversary of Panamanian independence, which was attained on November 3, 1903. The coin's strange value is attributed to this commemoration.

The coin is composed of .500 fine gold (50% gold, 50% copper). It weighs approximately 10.6 grams and measures 28 millimeters in diameter. The Panamanian coat of arms is featured in the center of the reverse. Around the coin's rim above is the state title of Panama, inscribed in Spanish as "REPUBLICA DE PANAMA". Directly below the arms is small text that reads "500/1000 ORO FINO" ("500/1000 fine gold"), and underneath that is the coin's value ("75 BALBOAS"). Displayed on the reverse is the flag of Panama flying on a pole with nine five-pointed stars, representing the nine provinces of Panama, featured above. Below the flag is the legend "1903-1978" flanked by flowers. Along the upper rim of the coin is the inscription "75° ANIVERSARIO DE LA INDEPENDENCIA" ("75th anniversary of independence"). In total, at least 9586 examples of the coin were produced: at least 9161 proofs at the Philadelphia Mint (P) and 425 uncirculated coins at another facility (U).

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Panamanian balboa
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