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For more Peruvian coins denominated at 1 céntimo, see Peruvian 1 céntimo coin (disambiguation).
Peru 1 centimo 1985
General information

Flag of Peru Peru


0.01 inti



Measurements and composition

1.5 g


15 mm


1 mm










Miguel Grau


Bank title, value, year

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The 1 céntimo coin is a former circulation piece of the Republic of Peru. It was issued in a single type in May 1985 alongside similar 5, 10, 20, and 50 céntimo and 1 and 5 inti coins. The 1 céntimo piece, like the other Peruvian coins introduced in 1985, was distributed by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru and struck at the National Mint of Peru in Lima.

Prior to its eventual demonetization, the coin carried a legal tender face value of 0.01 inti in its country of origin. However, it only circulated for a short time before high inflation rendered it virtually obsolete.

The 1 céntimo coin is composed of a brass alloy and measures 1.5 grams in mass, 15 millimeters in diameter, and 1 millimeter in thickness. It has coin alignment and a plain edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Both of its rims are raised and undecorated.

Displayed in the center of the obverse is a ¼ right-facing bust of Miguel Grau (1834–1879), a Peruvian naval officer known for his role in the Battle of Angamos (1879) in the War of the Pacific (1879–1884). Accompanying Grau's likeness is the Spanish legend "GRAN ALMIRANTE MIGUEL GRAU", which is engraved clockwise from the coin's lower left to lower right peripheries. This rank of Gran Almirante, which translates to English as "Grand Admiral", was posthumously awarded to Grau in 1967 by the Congress of the Peruvian Republic.

The face value "1 CENTIMO" appears on two lines inside a solid circular border in the center of the reverse. The numeral in this value is rendered horizontally in a large font, whereas the following word, which is displayed without the acute in the "E", is engraved counterclockwise in smaller print along the circular border below. Illustrated between these two components is the mark of the National Mint of Peru, a condensed monogram containing the letters of the word "LIMA". The Spanish name of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, rendered without the u-acute in "PERU" as "BANCO CENTRAL DE RESERVA DEL PERU", extends clockwise from the coin's lower left to lower right peripheries. It is accompanied by the Gregorian date of minting, "1985", which is engraved in the opposite direction at the lower rim. The date is flanked on both sides by a small circular points, separating it from the name of Peru's central bank.

According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, around 4,199,999 examples of the coin were manufactured during a single year of production. Only business strikes of this particular type are known to exist.


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