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1 leu

1 RON 1L rev

Obverse and reverse

General information
  • Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Communist Romania
  • Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania
  • Flag of Romania Romania

1.00 lei

  • 1920
  • 1952
  • 1966
  • 20052009
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  • 78 mm (1920)
  • 118 mm (1952)
  • 103 mm (1966)
  • 120 mm (2005-2009)
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  • 55 mm (1920)
  • 57 mm (1952)
  • 52 mm (1966)
  • 62 mm (2005-2009)
Security features

watermark, security thread, transparent window, microprinting, blacklight printing (2005-2009)

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  • Blue (1920)
  • Brown, yellow (1952, 1966)
  • Green (2005-2009)
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The 1 leu banknote was first issued by the Kingdom of Romania in 1920. Subsequently, two issues were made during Romania's period of communism, and then another was issued after the overthrow of the socialist government. The latter of these notes is currently being circulated.


1920 issue[]

1 leu 1920 avers 1 leu 1920 revers
Obverse Reverse

On July 7, 1920, the Kingdom of Romania issued the first 1 leu note. The banknote, printed in blue ink, measured 78 millimeters in width by 55 millimeters in height. Displayed on the obverse was an industrial landscape, a maid, and the note's value. Depicted on the reverse was the Capitoline Wolf, with the Romanian coat of arms above, and portraits of Decebalus and Trajan at the wolf's left and right flanks, respectively.

RPR issue[]

ROL 1 1952 obverse ROL 1 1952 reverse
Obverse Reverse

On January 26, 1952, the People's Republic of Romania (RPR) issued a 1 leu banknote. It was brown and yellow in color and measured 118 millimeters in width by 57 millimeters in height. The obverse displayed the value, which was surrounded by ornate floral designs. Displayed on the reverse was the coat of arms of Romania, flanked to the right and left by the value.

RSR issue[]

ROL 1 1966 obverse ROL 1 1966 reverse
Obverse Reverse

On November 1, 1966, the Socialist Republic of Romania (RSR) introduced the third Romanian 1 leu note. Like the previous note, it was printed using brown and yellow ink. It measured 103 millimeters in width by 52 millimeters in height. On the obverse was the coat of arms of Romania with the value (as "UN LEU") underneath. The value was also depicted on the reverse, as a number and in words.

Current issue[]

Romanian 1-Leu bill (front)

Obverse of a specimen note.

On July 1, 2005, Romania issued its most recent 1 leu note. The method of printing used to produce it was offset printing. Unlike its predecessors, the note is composed of polymer. It is predominantly green in color, and measures 120 millimeters in width by 62 millimeters in height, to match the size of the 5 euro banknote. Depicted on the obverse is Prime Minister Nicolae Iorga and a milkweed gentian flower. On the reverse is the Curtea de Argeș Cathedral and an eagle holding a cross in its beak, a Wallachian traditional heraldic element.

For security, a watermark, security thread, eagle-shaped window, microprinting, and blacklight printing were applied.


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