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3000 lei
Romania 3000 lei coin 1996
General information

Flag of Romania Romania


3000.00 lei (1.00)


1996 (never issued)

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Vlad the Impaler


Europe, 12 stars, state title, value, year

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The 3000 leu coin was a pattern coin minted by Romania in 1996. It was a mockup coin that was apparently equal to 1.00.

The coin was minted in aluminum, copper, nickel, and silver. Depicted on the obverse was Prince Vlad III (Vlad the Impaler; Dracula) surrounded by a legend reading, "VLAD TEPEṢ DOMNAL TARII ROMANESTI". Shown on the reverse was a map of Europe, with 12 stars above Russia, the state title of Romania, value, and year of minting.


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