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3 bani
Romania 3 bani
Coin from 1953
General information

Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Communist Romania


0.03 lei



Measurements and composition

2 g


18 mm


Copper-nickel-zinc (80% Cu, 19% Zn, 1% Ni)






Coat of arms of Romania


Value, year

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The 3 ban coin was issued by the Romanian People's Republic from 1952 to 1954. It had a value equal to 0.03 lei before the revaluation of the leu in 2005. The coin is currently listed in Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000.

The coin is composed of a copper-nickel-zinc alloy of 80% copper, 19% zinc, and 1% nickel. It weighs approximately 2 grams and measures 18 millimeters in diameter. Like many Romanian coins of the time period, the 3 ban coin was designed by Romanian artist Haralamb Ionescu. The Romanian coat of arms is featured on the obverse. The coins produced in 1952 display the arms used from March 1948 until that date, which consists of an image of a derrick in a mountainous forest under a rising sun, all surrounded by stocks of wheat tied together with a cloth bearing the letters "RPR". The pieces minted during the years 1953 and 1954 bear a newer version of the arms, which differs only from its predecessor by the addition of a five-pointed star above the sun. "3 BANI" is inscribed at the top of the reverse on both varieties, with the number and unit name being printed on separate lines. It is followed by the year of minting, which is displayed near the bottom of the coin.

A total of 26,900,000 examples were struck at Moscow in 1952. Approximately 13,000,000 pieces were then minted at Bucharest in 1953, followed by an unknown number from the same facility in 1954. The mintage decided for the final year of production was 33,400,000 pieces, but the specified number was not even closely met, thus making this date rarer and more valuable to collectors.


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