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5000 lei
L5000 new
Coin from 2001
General information

Flag of Romania Romania


5000.00 lei

Measurements and composition
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  • 31.103 g (commemorative)
  • 2.5 g (general)
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  • 35 mm (commemorative)
  • 24 mm (general)
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  • Smooth (commemorative)
  • Twelve edges (general)
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  • Various (commemorative)
  • State title, value (general)
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The 5000 leu coin was first issued by the Monetăria Statului of Romania in 2000, as a commemorative issue. Commemoratives of this denomination continued to be issued until 2004. From 2001 to 2006, a general issue 5000 leu coin was issued before being demonetized.


General issue[]

The general issue 5000 leu coin was composed of a magnesium-aluminum alloy, weighed 2.52 grams, and measured 23.5 millimeters in diameter and 2.4 millimeters in thickness. Unlike the other coins of its series, it was dodecagonal in shape. The obverse of the 5000 leu coin displayed a legend reading, "ROMANIA", as well as the coin's value. Depicted on the reverse was the coat of arms of Romania, two sprigs, the year of minting, and the signature of the engraver, Vasile Gabor.

Commemorative issues[]

In 2000, the first commemorative 5000 leu coin was introduced. Afterward, commemorative coins at this denomination were produced annually until 2004. Each was composed of .999 fine gold, weighed 31.103 grams, and measured 35 millimeters in diameter.

Image Issued Subject Obverse Reverse Mintage
Romania 5000 lei 1999 Michael 1 August 2000 Michael the Brave's unification of Romania Coat of arms of Romania, signet of Michael the Brave, "ROMANIA", value, year Michael the Brave, Mihai Vodă Monastery, "400 ANI DE LA UNIREA TARII ROMANESTI, TRANSILVANIEI SI MOLDOVEI SUB MIHAI VITEAZUL", "1600", "2000" 1500
Romania 5000 lei 2000 Christ 27 December 2000 2000 Years of Christianity Coat of arms of Romania, cross containing Christian symbols, "ROMANIA", value, year Jesus Christ, "2000 DE ANI DE CRESTINISM", "COMEMORAREA MILENIULUI" 1000
Romania 5000 lei 2001 Brancusi 15 March 2001 125th anniversary of Constantin Brâncuşi's birth Coat of arms of Romania, the Endless Column, "ROMANIA", value, year Constantin Brâncuşi, Brâncuşi's signature, "CONSTANTIN BRANCUSI", "1876-2001", V.G 500
Romania 5000 lei 2002 Caragiale 11 March 2002 150th anniversary of Ion Luca Caragiale's birth Coat of arms of Romania, masks of Comedy and Tragedy, Caragiale's signature, "ROMANIA", value, year Ion Luca Caragiale, "1852", "1952", "150 ANI DE LA NASTEREA LUI ION LUCA CARAGIALE" 250
Romania 5000 lei 2003 Bran 20 October 2003 625th anniversary of the building of Bran Castle Coat of arms of Romania and Braşov within a shield, "ROMANIA", value, year Bran Castle, medallion bearing "1378" and "2003", "625 ANI DE LA INCEPEREA CONSTRUCTIEI", "CASTELUL BRAN"
Romania 5000 lei 2004 Stephen 19 April 2004 500th anniversary of Stephen the Great's death Coat of arms of Romania, tower of a fortress, signet of Stephen the Great, "ROMANIA", value, year Stephen the Great, Putna Monastery, "500 ANI DE LA MOARTEA LUI STEFAN CEL MARE", "1504", "2004"


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