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5 sutimi
General information

Flag of the United Principalities of Romania (1862 - 1866) United Principalities


0.05 lei


1864 (never issued)

Measurements and composition

~5.7 g


22.5 mm




Alexander John Cuza


State title, value, year

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The 5 sutime coin was a pattern coin minted in 1864 by the United Principalities, found in modern-day Romania. Had it been issued, it would have equaled 0.05 lei.

The coin was composed of bronze, weighed about 5.7 grams, and measured 22.5 millimeters in diameter. Depicted on the obverse was Regnant Alexander John Cuza, surrounded by a legend reading, "ALECSANDRU IOAN I". Displayed on the reverse was the coin's value (inscribed as "5 SUTIMĬ"), the year of minting below, and the state title (PRINCIPATELE UNITE) along the coin's circumference. Being a pattern, only a limited number of these coins were produced. One example is located in the Palace of Culture in Iaşi.


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