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Ruslan T. Gablia
Biographical information

Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia (de facto)
Flag of Georgia Georgia (de jure)
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union (former)


Sukhumi, Georgian SSR

Occupational information
  • Artist
  • Teacher

USSR Union of Artists

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Ruslan T. Gablia (Abkhaz: Pуслан Ҭ. Габлия; Georgian: რუსლან ტ. გაბლია) is an Abkhazian designer, painter, sculptor, and teacher.


RT Gablia coins

Abkhazian coins designed by Gablia

Gablia was born in 1957 in Sukhumi, then part of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. From 1984 to 1988 he attended the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, and afterward became a member of the USSR Union of Artists. Gablia has made several works since 1988, many of which are housed in private collections across the world. Some of his pieces have received first or second prize in Abkhazia's annual "Work of the Year" competitions.

Gablia is responsible for the designs of multiple Abkhazian coins, including 10 apsar pieces commemorating Abkhaz politicians Bagrat Shinkuba (1917–2004) and Yuri Voronov (1941–1995) and the city of Sukhumi and a 25 apsar coin celebrating the nart epics of the Abkhaz culture.