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1 Peseta Sahara
General information

Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic


1.00 pesetas



Measurements and composition

2.99 g


17 mm


1.46 mm










Coat of arms of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, state title, value


Bedouin and dromedary (Camelus dromedarius), year

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The 1 peseta coin is a non-circulating collectors' coin that was issued in 1992 by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), a partially recognized state claiming sovereignty over Western Sahara. It was issued by the Polisario Front, the leading party of the SADR. While the piece is intended primarily for collectors and not for circulation, it carries a purported legal tender face value equivalent to 1 Sahrawi peseta, or 0.0060 euros, in Sahrawi refugee camps and the SADR-controlled Free Zone east of the Moroccan Wall.

The coin is composed of a cupronickel alloy and has a mass of 2.99 grams, a diameter of 17 millimeters, and a thickness of 1.46 millimeters. It has coin alignment and a plain edge, and is round in shape. Displayed in the center of the obverse is the former coat of arms of the SADR – which consists of a pair of crossing rifles with a SADR flag hanging on the ends, and a hammer in the middle. Flanking the aforementioned elements on both sides are olive branches, featured above is the Muslim star and crescent, and displayed below is a scroll bearing the Arabic text "حرية ديمقراطية وحدة" (Romanized: Ḥurriyya, dimuqrāṭiyya, waḥda; English: "Liberty, democracy, unity"). Engraved in a clockwise direction along the upper periphery of the piece, above the arms, is the Spanish state title of the SADR without diacritics: "REPUBLICA ARABE SAHARAUI DEMOCRATICA". Such text commences at the left rim of the piece and concludes at the right. Arched at the bottom periphery, counterclockwise, is the face value "1 PESETA". Featured in the middle of the reverse is an illustration of a Bedouin man and dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) in the Sahara. Underneath the camel's front hooves is the date "1992" inside of a rectangular frame. The Arabic text "النقل التقليدي" (al-naql al-taqlidī), which translates to English as "traditional transport", is engraved in a counterclockwise direction above the depiction, along the coin's rim. It commences in an upward direction at the left side of the reverse and concludes at the left. Engraved at the bottom of the piece in the same direction is the Spanish legend "TRANSPORTE TIPICO", meaning "typical transport". The rims of both the obverse and reverse are raised.

The total mintage of the 1992 peseta coin is currently unknown.


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