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100 dollars
Johannes Seiger 1991
Rebel Government coin
General information

Flag of Sealand Principality of Sealand



  • 1977
  • 1991
Measurements and composition
  • 14.4 g (1977 gold)
  • 19.45 g (1977 brass)
  • 38.3 mm (1977)
  • 38.6 mm (1991)
  • brass (1977)
  • gold (1977)
  • silver (1991)
  • Coat of arms of Sealand, state title, value, year (1977)
  • Johannes Seiger (1991)
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The 100 dollar coin was first issued by the Principality of Sealand, a micronation located on HM Fort Roughs in the North Sea, in 1977. The Sealand Rebel Government, a "government in exile" that claims authority over Sealand, later minted a coin of this denomination in 1991.


1977 coins[]

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Principality of Sealand, the micronation issued two commemorative 100 dollar coins, one composed of gold and the other of brass, in 1977. Both coins measure approximately 38.3 millimeters in diameter. The gold issue weighs approximately 14.4 grams, while the brass coin, which is slightly heavier, weighs about 19.4499 grams. The coat of arms of Sealand is displayed on the obverse, accompanied by the legend "PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND", the year of minting, and the value (written in words as well as numbers as "ONE HUNDRED 100 SEALAND DOLLARS"). A circular image of HMS Fort Roughs in the sea with a helicopter flying overhead and a boat in the background is featured in the center of the reverse, encircled partially by two connected branches. To the left of this image is a right-facing portrait of Joan Bates, declared "Princess of Sealand", with the caption "PRINCESS JOAN" above. To the right of the center image is a left-facing likeness of Paddy Roy Bates, then proclaimed "Prince of Sealand", also accompanied by a caption which reads "ROY OF SEALAND". Around the circumference of the coin at the top are the words "TENTH ANNIVERSARY", and near the bottom are the dates "1967 - 1977". Approximately 2000 gold coins were struck. The mintage of the brass coins is currently unknown.

1991 coin[]

The Sealand Rebel Government issued a 100 dollar coin in 1991, the only coin produced for the "government in exile". The coin, likely designed by Serge Huard, is composed of antiqued silver and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter. A left-facing effigy of Johannes Seiger, self-declared "Prime Minister of Sealand" and leader of the Sealand Rebel Government, is displayed on the coin's obverse, accompanied by the captions "JOHANNES SEIGER" and "PRIME MINISTER OF SEALAND", which are inscribed along the coin's circumference. Similar to the 1977 issue minted by the Bates family, the coat of arms of Sealand is featured on the reverse, with the full state title, year, and purported value inscribed around the rim. A total of 1000 examples were minted.


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