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10 dollars
Sealand 10 dollars Roy
Coin from 1977
General information

Flag of Sealand Principality of Sealand


10.00 dollars


1972, 1977

Measurements and composition
  • 40.6 mm (1972)
  • 30.2 mm (1977)




  • Sailing Vessel (1972)
  • Coat of arms of Sealand (1977)
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The 10 dollar coin was first issued by the Principality of Sealand in 1972 and later, in 1977, two new issues were introduced. All three of the coins of this denomination were composed of .925 silver.


Sealand 10 dollars 1972

1972 10 dollar coin

In 1972, the ten-dollar coin was introduced, becoming the first coin of the purported Sealand dollar. It had a diameter of 40.6 millimeters. Displayed on the coin's obverse was an effigy of Princess Joan with the state title floating above her and the coin's "value" below. The reverse depicted a sailing vessel encircled by a legend reading, "HEART WITHIN AND GOD OVERHEAD". About 2000 of these coins were produced.

In 1977, two more ten-dollar coins were produced. The first of these featured Princess Joan on the obverse, using a different portrait than the coin's predecessor, with her name (PRINCESS JOAN) inscribed above. Depicted on the reverse of this coin was the coat of arms of Sealand, with the state title and year of minting above, and the coin's purported value below. The second coin bore the same reverse, but featured Prince Roy on the obverse, with his name, "ROY OF SEALAND", inscribed above. Both these coins had a diameter of 30.2 millimeters and were designed by Josef Baier. A total of around 2050 of the Princess Joan and 2025 of the Prince Roy coins were produced.


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