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20 pounds
General information

Flag of South Sudan South Sudan (fantasy coin)


20.00 pounds (non-legal tender)



Measurements and composition

5.65 g


28 mm










Salva Kiir Mayardit, flag of South Sudan (some), value, year


Coat of arms of South Sudan, state title

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The 20 pound coin is a commemorative fantasy coin of the Republic of South Sudan that was issued in 2011, the year of the country's independence from Sudan. While the piece appears to carry a face value of 20.00 South Sudanese pounds, it is not official legal tender of South Sudan, nor was it made by the country, and only holds value to collectors of fantasy currency.

The coin is bimetallic and has a mass of 5.65 grams and a diameter of 28 millimeters. It has medallic alignment and a plain edge, and is round in shape. Displayed in the middle of the obverse is a bust of Salva Kiir Mayardit (1951–), the first and current President of South Sudan, donning a suit and tie and his trademark cowboy hat, facing ½ right. On some examples, the flag of South Sudan appears to the right of the illustration. Engraved counterclockwise along the bottom periphery of the coin's center, below the likeness of Kiir, is the caption "God Blessed 1st President". The text "H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit" (the "H.E" abbreviated for "His Excellency") appears clockwise at the upper rim of the piece, in the coin's outer ring. Inscribed in the opposite direction from the left to right rims of the piece is the "face value" of "20 South Sudanese Pounds", followed by the date "2011". The two texts are separated from each other by large points at both sides of the obverse. Engraved in the center of the reverse is the coat of arms of South Sudan – which consists of an African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) against a shield and a crossed spear and spade. In the arms, the national motto "JUSTICE LIBERTY PROSPERITY" is written on three scrolls superimposing the eagle, and the state title "REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN" is shown on a fourth. On the coin, the state title appears again as "Republic of South Sudan", written clockwise along the upper ring. The remainder of the ring is occupied by the text "Commemorative for Independence 9th July 2011", and two asterisks that separate the two legends. The rims of both the obverse and reverse are raised.

The total mintages of the piece are currently unknown. Only Uncirculated examples were struck.