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180518801894-S Barber Dime
199219931 spesmilo coin
1 stater coin of Sophytes20072008
2009 Royal Mint competition20112012
20132013 Estonian coin design competition2014
2 spesmilo coin
3rd millennium
50 State quarters50 spesmilo coin
94 BCA. HutterA. Romanescu
Aachen 1 groschen coinAbkhazian 25 apsar coin
Abu DhabiAchaean 1 obol coinAdhio
Afghan 500 afghani banknoteAfghan afghani
Afghan rupeeAfghanistanAfrican Union
Aivar SimsonAjman
Akragas ⅙ stater coinAlbania
Albanian 5 qindarkë coinAlbanian lek
AlderneyAlderney 1 pound banknoteAlderney 2 euro coin
Alderney 5 pound coinAlderney 5 pound coin/2009Alderney euro coins
Alderney poundAlgeriaAlgerian 100 dinar coin
Algerian 1 santim coinAlmoravid 1 kirat coin (Abu Bakr ibn Umar)
America the Beautiful quartersAmerican Numismatic AssociationAmerican Samoa
American Samoan dollar
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 10 rupee coinAndorra
Andorran 1 cèntim coinAndorran 1 euro cent coin
Andorran 5 cèntim coinAndreas HoferAngola
Angolan 100 kwanza coinAngolan 1 kwanza banknoteAngolan 1 kwanza coin
Angolan 5,000,000 kwanza banknoteAngolan kwanza
Anhalt 2 mark coinArgentina
Argentine 1 argentino coinArgentine 1 centavo coin (austral)
Argentine argentinoArgentine argentino (currency)Argentine austral
Argentine pesoArgentine ½ argentino coinArgentino (coin)
Armenian 10 luma coinArmenian dramAruba
Aruban 5 cent coinAruban florinAuersperg 1 ducat coin
Austral (disambiguation)Australian 1,000,000 dollar coin
Australian 1 cent coinAustralian dollarAustrian 1.50 euro coin
Austrian 100,000 euro coinAustrian 2000 schilling coin
Austrian 25 euro coinAustrian 2 groschen coinAustrian Mint
Austrian StatesAzerbaijani 1 qapik coin
Azerbaijani 5 qapik coin
BabukiyaBaden 20 mark coinBaden 2 mark coin
Bahamian 1 cent coinBahraini 5 fils coin
Bangko Sentral ng PilipinasBangladesh
Bangladeshi 1 poisha coinBangladeshi takaBank cards
Bank of NamibiaBank of Zambia
BanknoteBanknote counter
Barbadian 1 cent coinBarberBarry Stanton
Baseball Coin Design CompetitionBavarian 2 mark coinBavarian Mint
Belarusian 1 kopek coinBelgian 50 centime coin
Belgian 50 centime coin (1952–2001)Belgian 50 centime coin (disambiguation)
Belizean 1 cent coinBeninese 30,000 franc coin
Bermudian 12 pence/daalder coin
Bermudian 1 cent coinBhutan
Bhutanese 10 chhertum coinBhutanese 1 ngultrum coin
Bhutanese 20 chhertum coin
Bhutanese 25 chhertum coinBhutanese 50 chhertum coin
Bhutanese 5 chhertum coin
Birmingham MintBitcoinBohemia
Bolivian 50 centavo coin (disambiguation)Bolivian 50 centavo coin (peso)Bologna Mint
Bolognese liraBosnia and Herzegovina 10 fening coin
Botswana 1 thebe coinBrazilian 1 centavo coin (cruzado)Brazilian 1 centavo coin (disambiguation)
Bremen-Verden 2 mark coinBremen 2 mark coinBritish 1 trade dollar coin
British 25 euro coinBritish 2 pound coinBritish 2 pound coin/Commemorative coins
British 50 pence coinBritish 50 pence coin/Commemorative coinsBritish Honduran 1 cent coin
British West Indies 50 cent coin
Brunei 1 sen coin
Bulgarian 1 stotinka coinBulgarian levBurkina Faso 2500 franc coin
Burmese 1 cent banknoteBurmese 2 pya coin
Burmese 2 rupee 8 anna banknoteBurmese 4 anna coin
Burmese rupeeBurundian 1 franc coin
Büsingen am Hochrhein
Cambodian 50 riel coinCameroonian 20,000 franc coin
Campione d'ItaliaCanadian 1,000,000 dollar coinCanadian 1 cent coin (disambiguation)
Canadian dollarCanadian pennyCanadian penny (disambiguation)
Canton of FribourgCape Verdean 20 centavo coin
Carson City MintCarthaginian 3 stater coinCayman Islands 1 cent coin
Central African 1 franc coinCentral African Republic 500 franc coin
Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
Chadian 100 franc coin
Chadian 200 franc coinChannel Islands
Charles PilletCheckerboard piecesChester Krause
Chief Engraver of the United States MintChinese "World of Brightness" coin
Chinese 1 fen coinChinese 1 fen coin (Reformed Government of the Republic of China)Chinese 2 cash coin (Shenzong)
CifrãoCirculating currencies
CirculationCoalCocos (Keeling) Islands 150 rupee coin
CoinCoin collectingCoin holder
Coin setCoinage Act of 1873 (Germany)Coinage Act of 1965
Coins of AeginaCoins of the Helvetic Republic
Coins of the Patriotic Liberation ArmyColorized coin
Commemorative coin
Comorian 10 franc coinCongolese 10 franc coinCongolese 10 franc coin (Republic)
Congolese 25 centime coin
Congolese non-denominated coins
Continental 50 dollar banknoteContinental ⅓ dollar banknote
Cook Islands 1 tene coinCountermarked coin

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