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Craig (disambiguation)
Crema 15 soldo coinCroatian 100 dinar banknote
Croatian 1 dinar banknoteCroatian 50,000 dinar banknote
Croatian 5 dinar banknote
CréditoCuban 25 centavo coin (convertible peso)Cuban 5 centavo coin
Cuban 5 centavo coin (1870)Cuban 5 centavo coin (convertible peso)Cuban 5 centavo coin (peso)
Curaçao 1 stuiver coin (token)Curaçao reaalCurrencies
Currency codeCurrency codes
Cypriot 10 cent coin
Cypriot 1 cent coinCypriot 1 tetarteron coin (c. 1191)Cypriot 20 cent coin
Cypriot 2 cent coinCypriot 50 cent coinCypriot 5 cent coin
Cypriot ½ cent coinCzech 10 haléř coin
Da Afghanistan BankDahlonega MintDahomey 100 franc coin
Damaged currencyDanish ½ Rigsmontskilling coinDanuta Solowiej-Wedderburn
Darmstadt Mint
Denver Mint
Dioscurias AE coinsDistrict of Columbia and United States Territories quarters
Djiboutian 500 franc coinDobraDobra (coin)
DollarDramDram (coin)
Duchy of Massa and CarraraDuchy of Modena and Reggio
Dutch East Indies 1 sen coin
E Pluribus UnumEast Caribbean 10 dollar banknote
East Caribbean 1 cent coinEast Caribbean 5 dollar banknoteEast Timor
East Timorese 100 centavo coinEconomy
Edmund C. MoyEgypt
Egyptian 1 pound coinEgyptian 2½ millieme coin
Egyptian 500 pound banknoteEhsanullah EhsanElizabeth II
Emil WeigandEmporion 1 tetartemorion coin
Equatorial Guinean 1 peseta coin
Erik KarlssonErik MaellEritrean 1 cent coin
EsperantoEstonian 100 kroon coin
Estonian 10 euro coinEstonian 10 kroon banknoteEstonian 15.65 kroon coin
Estonian 1 kroon banknoteEstonian 1 sent coinEstonian 20 euro coin
Estonian 2 euro coinEstonian 2 kroon banknoteEstonian 500 kroon coin
Estonian euro coinsEstonian kroonEthiopian 1 birr coin
Ethiopian 1 santeem coin
Eugène André Oudiné
Falkland Islands 10 pence coinFalkland Islands 5 nuevo austral coin
Faroese 1 øre coinFed Shreds
Federal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoFijian 1 cent coin
Forlì 1 ducato d'oro coin
FrankFred Zinkann
French 10 franc banknote (Banque Rouennaise)French 10 franc banknote (disambiguation)French 6.55957 franc coin
French franc
Fribourg 2½ rappen coinFribourg 4 frank coin
Fribourg frankFribourg gulden
Friedrich Wilhelm HörnleinFriedrich Wilhelm Kullrich
Gabonese 25 franc coinGabonese non-denominated coinsGambian 2000 butut coin
Gambian 25 butut coinGeorg MalinGeorge T. Morgan
Georgian 1 tetri coinGeorgian 2 tetri coin
German 10 mark banknote (Gold mark)
German 10 mark coin (Gold mark)German 10 pfennig coin (1873-1922)
German 1 pfennig coin (1873-1918)
German 20 mark coin (Gold mark)German 20 pfennig coin (Gold mark)
German 25 pfennig coin (Gold mark)German 2 mark coin (Gold mark)
German 2 pfennig coin (1873-1916)German 3 mark coin (1908-1918)
German 50 gold pfennig coin
German 50 pfennig coin (Papiermark)German 5 mark banknote (Gold mark)German 5 pfennig coin (Gold mark)
German 5 pfennig coin (Papiermark)German East African 1 pesa coin
German South-West African mark
German non-denominated coinGerman ostmark
German ½ mark coin (Gold mark)
Ghanaian 10 cedi coinGhanaian 10 cedi coin (fantasy)Ghanaian 10 shilling coin
Ghanaian 1 pesewa coinGibraltar 1 pound coinGibraltar 50 pence coin/Commemorative coins
Gilroy RobertsGiuseppe RomagnoliGold
GoslerGovernor of the Bank of NamibiaGovernor of the National Bank of Moldova
Greco-Bactrian 20 stater coinGreek drachma
Grünberg 75 pfennig coinGuatemalan 2 peso coin
Guelders 1 silver reaal coinGuinea-Bissau 50 centavo coin
Guinean 1 franc coinGuinean 50 cauri coinGulf rupee
Guyanese 1 cent coin
Hamburg 2 mark coinHamburg 2 mark coin (Gold mark)
Hamburg 2 mark coin (Papiermark)Hamburg ½ million mark coin
Haralamb IonescuHeid 1 florin coin
Hell money
Henry CohenHessian 20 mark coin
Hessian 2 mark coin
Holey dollarHuard
Hungarian 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pengő banknoteHungarian 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 pengő banknote
Hungarian Mint Ltd.Hunger Aid and Development Foundation
Ian Rank-Broadley
Icelandic 5 eyrir coinIndex/CountryIndia
Indonesian 1 rupiah coinIndonesian rupiahInternational Numismatic Agency
International currency unitIonian 2 lepton coin
Ipumbu Shiimi
Irish euro coinsIrish ½ penny coin (decimal)
Isla de la Juventud 5 centavo coinItalian 10 centesimo coin
Italian 10 centesimo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 10 centesimo coin (disambiguation)Italian 10 soldo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 15 soldo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 1 centesimo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 1 soldo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 2000 lira banknote
Italian 20 lira coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 25 centesimo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 2 centesimo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 2 lira coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 3 centesimo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian 40 lira coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 500,000 lira banknoteItalian 5 lira coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
Italian 5 soldo coin (Italian Republic)
Italian 5 soldo coin (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italian States
Italian liraItalian lira (Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)Italy
Ivorian 25 franc coinJaano Ester
Jalisco 1 peso coinJalisco 1 peso coin (1915)Jalisco 1 peso coin (1935)
Jamaican 20 dollar coinJapanese 10 yen coin
Japanese 1 rin coinJapanese 1 sen coin
Japanese 1 sen coin (disambiguation)Japanese 1 sen coin (leper colony money)Japanese 1 trade dollar coin
Japanese 1 yen banknoteJapanese 1 yen coinJapanese 20 yen coin

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