100 rubles
Spitsbergen 100 rubles 1993
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100.00 rubles



Measurements and composition

5.04 g


24 mm








Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) on globe, star, title


Value, year

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The 100 ruble coin is a token coin that was issued in 1993 by Arktikugol, a Russian (and formerly Soviet) mining company operating in Barentsburg on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. It is currently listed in the Standard Catalog of World Coins as "100 Roubles" under a section entitled "Spitzbergen".

The coin is composed of an aluminum-bronze alloy, weighs approximately 5.04 grams, and measures approximately 24 millimeters in diameter. It is circular in shape and uses medal alignment. Featured on the obverse is a depiction of a polar bear (Ursus maritimus) standing on a globe that solely features an image of Svalbard with "78°", representing the latitude of Barentsburg, engraved above it. Printed around the periphery above the bear is the Cyrillic inscription "ШПИЦБЕРГЕН" (transliterated: Shpitsbergen; English: "Svalbard"), with a small star possibly symbolizing Russia featured near the first letter. The name of Arktikugol is inscribed in Cyrillic as "АРКТИКУГОЛЬ" below the globe at the very bottom of the obverse. Displayed in the center of the reverse is the value, written as "100 РУБЛЕЙ" (transliterated: 100 rublei), with the numeral and denomination printed on their own lines and the former being much larger. Engraved directly below it is the mint mark of the Moscow Mint, the facility that produced the coin. Both of these items are encircled by an ornate circular frame. Above the frame around the rim is the Russian state title "РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ" (transliterated: Rossiyskaya Federatsiya; English: "Russian Federation"), while the date "1993" is inscribed at the very bottom of the coin below the frame.


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