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This article is about the coin issued by the Helvetic Republic from 1799 to 1803. For more Swiss coins denominated at ½ of a batzen, see Swiss ½ batzen coin (disambiguation).
½ batzen
Coin from 1799 (with line)
General information

Republiquehelv Helvetic Republic


½ batzen = 5 rappen = 0.05 franken



Measurements and composition

2.47 g


23 mm








Wreath, state title, value in rappen


Wreath, value in batzen, year

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The ½ batzen coin is a coin that was issued from 1799 to 1800 and then again from 1802 to 1803 by the Helvetic Republic, a client of France under Emperor Napoleon (1769–1821) in modern Switzerland. Prior to its eventual demonetization, the piece had a value equivalent to ½ of a batzen, which equated to 5 rappen or 0.05 franken.

The coin is composed of billon, an alloy made mostly of base metal and partially of silver, and has a mass of 2.47 grams and a diameter normally between 21 and 23 millimeters. The piece uses coin alignment and is round in shape. Both sides were designed and engraved by Swiss artist Johann Franz Huber. Featured in the center of the obverse is "HELVET. REPUBL.", an abbreviated form of the German Helvetische Republik, which translates to English as "Helvetic Republic". Both words are printed on their own lines. Below this text is the numeral "5", signifying the face value of 5 rappen. One some coins minted in 1799 a line separates the state title "HELVET REPUBL." from the number. Two branches arched around the rim of the piece surround the aforementioned elements on the obverse. The 1799 pieces bearing a line above the "5" typically show the branches wrapping almost entirely around the boundary of the obverse, whereas those that do not have the line tend to only show the branches along the left and right peripheries. The value of the coin is additionally written as "12 BATZEN" in the middle of the reverse, the fraction and the word "BATZEN" receiving their own lines. Below this indication of the face value is the date of minting. Encircling both elements is a wreath engraved along the rim of the coin.

The mintage of the Swiss ½ batzen coin is currently unknown. Currently, the Standard Catalog of World Coins includes two main types of the coin: the piece with the line above the "5" on the obverse and the one lacking the line.


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