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16 frank
16 Franken 1800 HR 681735
General information

Republiquehelv Helvetic Republic


16 franken



Measurements and composition

7.64 g


23 mm










Standing Swiss soldier


"16 FRANKEN 1800" surrounded by a wreath

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The 16 frank coin, also known as a dublone in German and a louis d'or simple in French, is a circulation coin that was issued in 1800 by the Helvetic Republic, a client state of the First French Empire that is now Switzerland. As the face value implies, the coin had a value equivalent to 16 Swiss franken prior to its eventual demonetization. It was designed by Swiss artist Johann Franz Huber and produced at the Bern Mint.

The coin is composed of .900 fine gold and has an average mass of 7.64 grams and a diameter of roughly 23 millimeters. Like all coins of the Helvetic Republic, the piece is round in shape and has coin alignment. Featured on the obverse is an image of a standing, armored Swiss soldier holding up a flag with his right arm (at the left). Hanging by his left side is a sword in its scabbard. Beneath the image of the soldier is a horizontal line that separates the depiction from the "B" mint mark of the Bern Mint. The German state title "HELVETISCHE REPUBLIK" (English: "Helvetic Republic") is inscribed along the coin's rim, the first word arched around the left periphery and the second curved along the right. The value "16 FRANKEN" is printed in the center of the coin's reverse, the number and the word being printed on their own separate lines. The numeral "1" in "16" appears similar to the letter "I". Inscribed below is the date "1800", separated from the value by a horizontal line. Both the value and the date are surrounded by a circular wreath.

The total mintage of the Swiss 16 frank coin is currently unknown, but is believed to be relatively small.


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