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250 francs
250 CHF 1991
General information

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland


250.00 francs



Measurements and composition

8 g


22.85 mm


1.5 mm


90% gold, 10% copper




"1291, 1991"


"Confœderatio Helvetica 250 fr," year

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The 250 franc coin was issued by Switzerland during 1991 to commemorate 700 years of the Federal Charter of 1291. It is valued at 250 francs, being the third largest coined denomination of the Swiss franc. This coin is considered as the most important piece of Swiss currency to some people.

The coin was composed of 90% gold and 10% copper. It weighed about 8 grams, had a diameter of 22.85 millimeters, and a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. The coin's engraver, Johannes Burla had etched the year, 1291, into the obverse as well as the date, which is upside-down. The reverse featured the name of the Swiss Confederation (Confœderatio Helvetica), as well as the value of the coin and the year, 1991.

During the production of the coins, there were quality errors, which were small silver particles resulting from rust-brown spots on the surface. Therefore, the coin's first edition was eventually replaced with a second edition. Instead of the originally planned 800,000 units, only 490,000 units (both editions one and two) were circulated. The remainder were returned to the Swiss National Bank.


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