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2 poe rava
General information

Flag of French Polynesia Tahiti


2.00 poe rava



Measurements and composition

31.2 g


40 mm


silver-plated brass








Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Tahiti, state title, year


Turtle, lizard, value

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The 2 poe rava coin is a fantasy coin that was produced in 2013 for Tahiti, one of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. As a fantasy piece, the coin does not hold the status of legal tender anywhere in the world, and only has value to collectors. It is currently being distributed by Bahtinov Vitaly, the coin's designer.

The coin is composed of silver-plated brass, weighs approximately 31.2 grams, and measures roughly 40 millimeters in diameter. It is round in shape and medallically oriented, and bears a reeded edge. Featured at the top center of the coin's obverse is the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Tahiti, which ruled the Society Islands before French annexation in 1880. This arms consists of a shield with the letter "P" (standing for Pōmare) in its center, surmounted by a crown with a cross at the top. The word "TAHITI" is inscribed directly below the depiction of the arms, and the date "2013" is printed under the name of the island, near the bottom of the coin. A turtle is shown in the middle of the coin's reverse, symbolizing the island of Tahiti, which is very similar in shape to a turtle. To the left of it is a small lizard which represents the neighboring island of Moorea, whose name translates from Tahitian as "yellow lizard". The Tahitian legend "TOTAIETE MA", meaning "Society Islands" in English, is inscribed around the coin's upper rim. The purported value "2 POE RAVA", which translates as "2 black pearls", is inscribed below the image of the turtle, the number being printed on a separate line from the "POE RAVA" and the former being much larger than the latter. The use of the "2" in the denomination represents the two islands of Tahiti and Moorea, the largest acquisitions of the Kingdom of Tahiti, while the term "POE RAVA" was used in reference to the famous Tahitian black pearl, which is extracted from the Tahiti-native black-lip pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera var. cumingi). Featured below the coin's "value" is the monogram of the artist, a symbol similar to the Cyrillic letter "Б" (be).

Only 200 examples of this coin were produced, each in proof quality. The piece is currently being sold by online coin companies such as JFV Coins and by Bahtinov Vitaly himself via email.[el 1]


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