• Good Day!  Let me go straight to my queries about the 100,000 dollar gold coin.  Is it really fake as declared by the US Treasury? What about the 7 pieces of documents, 4 pieces green card, 1 piece micro film, and the 2 pieces of gold coin that had been found in a box.  on top of the old box written was US Treasury Property.  Did the US Treasury really had to fake their own money in 1934?  Is it really non-redeemable? or could we just settle for a reward of these because we are just very poor people who dugged it underneath the ground. How can we fake your money?  We cannot even build our houses or can just hardly buy food.  How can we make your money that is in our possession? 

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    • Please see this thread. It should hopefully answer your questions. :)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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