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10 milim
10 millimes
Coin from 2005
General information

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia


0.01 dinar



Measurements and composition
  • 3.5 g (1960-2008)
  • 3.2 g (2009-2013)

19 mm


1.5 mm

  • brass (1960-2008)
  • brass-plated steel (2009-2013)







Bank title, Gregorian and Islamic dates



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The 10 milim coin (alternatively spelled as 10 millime or millim) is a current circulation piece of the Tunisian Republic (commonly known simply as Tunisia). Initially produced in 1960, the first subtype was not produced for several years afterward until 1993, and was then produced sporadically until 2008. A new subtype was introduced in 2009 and continues to be struck. The piece has been distributed by the Central Bank of Tunisia and minted at times by the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa, Canada. It currently holds a legal tender face value equivalent to 0.01 Tunisian dinar.

Examples dated from 1960 to 2008 are composed of brass and weigh approximately 3.5 grams, whereas those from 2009 to the present are made of brass-plated steel and have a slightly smaller mass of 3.2 grams. The later of the two subtypes is magnetic due to the use of steel. Pieces of both compositions measure 19 millimeters in diameter and 1.5 millimeters in thickness. The Tunisian 10 milim coin has coin alignment and a reeded edge, and is round in shape. Featured in the center of the coin's obverse on two horizontal lines, inside of a circular boundary, is the Arabic title of the Central Bank of Tunisia, "البنك المركزي التونسي" (Romanized: al-Bank al-Markaziy al-Tūnsī), separated between the word "المركزي" (al-Markaziy) and "التونسي" (al-Tūnsī). The Gregorian date of minting is shown at the bottom left edge of the boundary in a counterclockwise direction, while its Islamic equivalent is displayed at the bottom right, the two separated from each other by a small line between. Engraved outside of the boundary is an ornamental floral pattern, which itself is enclosed within a border that wraps around the rim of the piece. Displayed in the middle of the reverse is a large "10" (ašrun), representing the face value of 10 milim, and arched below it is the Arabic text "عشرة مليمات" (ašrun millīmāt), which translates to English as "10 milim". Encircling these elements, appearing at the rims of the coin, is a floral pattern. The rims of both the obverse and reverse are raised and decorated with a denticulated border.

The total mintage of the Tunisian 10 milim coin is currently unknown. Only business strikes are known to have been produced.

Gregorian year Islamic year
1960 1380
1993 1414
1996 1416
1997 1418
2004 1425
2005 1426
2008 1429
2009 1430
2011 1432
2013 1434


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