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Karbovanets is a former currency of Ukraine. It is also known as Third Karbovanets, first ones were used in Ukrainian People's Republic, and second ones were used in Reichskommissariat Ukraine.


First Series[]

In 1991, notes were introduced in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 karbovanets (also called kupons or coupons). All 1991 banknotes were of the same design, picturing Lybid from the monument of the founders of Kyiv on the obverse, and the Sophia Cathedral on reverse. The banknotes did not carry individual serial numbers or signatures. In 1992, banknotes for 100, 200, 500, 1,000 karbovanets were issued, which carried serial numbers and were better protected to counterfeiting.

First Serie
Image Value Main Colour Description Date of
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse first printing issue
Ukraine-1991-Bill-1-Obverse Ukraine-1991-Bill-1-Reverse 1 brown Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra 1991 1991
UkraineP82-3Karbovantsi-1991 f UkraineP82-3Karbovantsi-1991 b 3 green Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra
File:UkraineP83-5Karbovantsiv-1991 f-donated.jpg File:UkraineP83-5Karbovantsiv-1991 b-donated.jpg 5 blue Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra
File:UkraineP84-10Karbovantsiv-1991 f.jpg File:UkraineP84-10Karbovantsiv-1991 b.jpg 10 pink Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra
File:UkraineP85-25Karbovantsiv-1991 f-donated.jpg File:UkraineP85-25Karbovantsiv-1991 b-donated.jpg 25 purple Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra
File:50 karbovanets 1991 front.jpg File:50 karbovanets 1991 back.jpg 50 green Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra
File:Ukraine-1991-Bill-100-Obverse.jpg File:100 karbovanets 1991 back.jpg 100 brown Lybid Kiev Pechersk Lavra