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Union of African States

Union des Etats africains (French)

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Flag of the Union of African States (1961-1962)

Union of African States
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  • Ghanaian pound
  • Guinean franc
  • Malian franc
  • Western CFA franc

November 23, 1958

-Mali's accession

April 1961



The Union of African States was a short-lasting union consisting of three African states in West Africa: Ghana, Guinea, and Mali. It existed during the 1960s.


Kwame Nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah

On November 23, 1958, the Ghana-Guinea Union was formed by Ghanaian Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah. During May 1959, it was announced that the Union would be renamed to the Union of African States. In April 1961, Mali joined the Union. It was disestablished in 1962 when Guinea began to reach out towards the United States, against the Marxist leaning of the other members, which were supportive of the Soviet Union, which was the United States' adversary during the time period, due to the Cold War.


Penny Nkrumah

A Ghanaian coin

The Union of African States did not issue a single currency; each state used its own currency, and was only legal tender in that specific country. Ghana issued the Ghanaian pound during its time in the Union. Guinea used the Western CFA franc at first, until it adopted the Guinean franc in 1959. Similarly, Mali used the CFA franc until 1962, with the introduction of the Malian franc.

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