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Unrecognised States Numismatic Society

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June 22, 2003


Castaic, California

Key people
  • Oded Paz, President and Treasurer
  • Stephen Vogelsang, Consigliere

The Unrecognised States Numismatic Society, often abbreviated as USNS is a group affiliated with the American Numismatic Association[1] that studies coins minted by unrecognized or unestablished governments.[2]


The Unrecognised States Numismatic Society was originally a mailing list on Yahoo! Groups by Oded Paz, the current president and treasurer of the group, bringing collectors and those interested in unrecognized currency. During 2004, the group decided to formally make the USNS a registered numismatic society. In early 2005, the USNS established a headquarters in Castaic, California and being had been affiliated with the American Numismatic Association. Later that year, the USNS began to add a monthly article on the subject of their society into the Australian Coin & Banknote Magazine.[1][2][3]

The USNS welcomes new members from anywhere in the world, and accepts credit card payments through PayPal as well as actual money at an yearly rate of $16 USD. At one point, a membership can be paid up to five years in advance.[3]


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