As of May 29, 2011, I have decided on redesigning the achievements badges. During June, every badge had been redesigned.

Note that: This is not a place to discuss suggestions for badges. For that, go to the administration forum.

New badges

Edit track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-edit-0.png Penny Making a "Change"[1] edit-0.png Making a Difference
90px-Badge-edit-1.png Nickel Five-and-Nickel[2] edit-1.png Just the Beginning
90px-Badge-edit-2.png Dime A Dime's Worth[3] edit-2.png Friend of the Wiki
90px-Badge-edit-3.png United States quarter Just a Quarter[4] edit-3.png
90px-Badge-edit-4.png Half dollar Half Contributor[4] edit-4.png Collaborator
90px-Badge-edit-5.png Dollar coin (reverse) Top Dollar[5] edit-5.png Wiki Builder
90px-Badge-edit-6.png Quarter Eagle 250 Cents are Better Than None[4] edit-6.png Wiki Leader
90px-Badge-edit-7.png Stella Stellar[6] edit-7.png Wiki Expert

Pictures track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-picture-0.png Banknote from Allied-occupied Austria. Junior Designer[4] picture-0.png Snapshot
90px-Badge-picture-1.png Turkish 5 lira banknote Designer[4] picture-1.png Paparazzi
90px-Badge-picture-2.png Taiwanese 10 dollar banknote Senior Designer[4] picture-2.png Illustrator
90px-Badge-picture-3.png Marine Life Protection Palau 5 dollar coin Coin Artist[4] picture-3.png Collector
90px-Badge-picture-4.png File:Commemorative coin of Local Autonomy Law 60th in Japan1000yen Niigata.jpg Engraver[4] picture-4.png Art Lover
90px-Badge-picture-5.png William Wyon Chief Engraver[7] picture-5.png Decorator
90px-Badge-picture-6.png Eva Adams Mint Director[8] picture-6.png Designer
90px-Badge-picture-7.png Swiss 100 franc coin commemorative 1998 Double Designer[9] picture-7.png Curator

Category track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-category-0.png Fugio Cent reverse We Are One[10] category-0.png Make a Connection


Azerbaijani manat Coin Sorter[11] category-1.png Trail Blazer
90px-Badge-category-2.png Chinese cash on string Cash Collector[12] category-2.png Explorer
90px-Badge-category-3.png Coin prototype Prototype Guide[13] category-3.png Tour Guide
90px-Badge-category-4.png Old coin Trade Partner[14] category-4.png Navigator
90px-Badge-category-5.png Transnistrian ruble Gaining Recognition[15] category-5.png Bridge Builder
90px-Badge-category-6.png Euros Monetary Union[16] category-6.png Wiki Planner

Blog Post track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-blogpost-0.png Commemorative Russian coin Signature![17] blogpost-0.png Something to Say

Blog Comment track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-blogcomment-0.png United States three-cent coin Three Sends[18] blogcomment-0.png Opinionator
90px-Badge-blogcomment-1.png Postage currency Ten Posts[19] blogcomment-1.png And One More Thing

Wiki Love track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-love-0.png Aluminum Japanese 1 yen coin. Aluminum User[4] love-0.png Key to the Wiki!
90px-Badge-love-1.png German 1 pfennig coin (1873-1918) Copper User[4] love-1.png Two Weeks on the Wiki
90px-Badge-love-2.png Chinese cash coin Bronze User[4] love-2.png Devoted
90px-Badge-love-3.png Italian lira Silver User[4] love-3.png Dedicated
90px-Badge-love-4.png Soviet 25 ruble coin Palladium User[4] love-4.png Addicted
90px-Badge-love-5.png Indian coin Gold User[4] love-5.png A Wiki Life
90px-Badge-love-6.png Platinum coin Platinum User[4][20] love-6.png Wiki Hero!

Sharing track

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-sharing-0.png Person holding Canadian currency Sharing[4] sharing-0.png Sharer
90px-Badge-sharing-1.png Various coins Sharing[4] sharing-1.png Bring it back
90px-Badge-sharing-2.png Australian dollars Saving Up[4] sharing-2.png Speaker
90px-Badge-sharing-3.png Cash Cashing In[4] sharing-3.png Announcer
90px-Badge-sharing-4.png Coins Saved Up[4] sharing-4.png Evangelist

Special Achievements

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-welcome.png Israeli shekel New Issue[21] welcome.png Welcome to the Wiki
90px-Badge-introduction.png Hungarian commemorative note Commemorate Yourself[4] introduction.png Introduction
90px-Badge-sayhi.png Ducat Ducat ave[22] sayhi.png Stopping By to Say Hi
90px-Badge-creator.png Macedonian sun symbol from the reverse of a coin from Samarian currency. Minter[23] creator.png The Creator

Secret Achievements

New image Design New name Old image Old name
90px-Badge-pounce.png Canadian million dollar coin At Large![24] pounce.png Pounce!
90px-Badge-caffeinated.png $100,000 Highly Valued[25] caffeinated.png Caffeinated
90px-Badge-luckyedit.png Moroccan money Thousandaire[26] luckyedit.png Lucky Edit


  1. This is a pun on the term, change.
  2. This is an amalgamation of five-and-dime and nickel.
  3. a dime's worth
  4. 4.00 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.04 4.05 4.06 4.07 4.08 4.09 4.10 4.11 4.12 4.13 4.14 4.15 4.16 4.17 4.18 4.19 4.20 No clever ideas behind this name.
  5. The dollar coin displayed is the highest that is circulated in the United States. I added the term top dollar for the badge for that reason.
  6. A definition of the word, stellar is wonderful. It is a play on what is displayed on the badge.
  7. William Wyon was the Chief Engraver of the Royal Mint from 1828 to 1851.
  8. Eva Adams was the Director of the United States Mint from 1961 to 1969.
  9. The coin displayed showed an image of a coin inside a coin. See Swiss 100 franc coin.
  10. On the coin, it says, "We Are One", which refers to linking people together, similar to the aspects of categories on Wikia.
  11. Sorting pages via category may be similar to sorting through currency.
  12. A play on Chinese cash and collector.
  13. A coin prototype is a guide for the following coins.
  14. Establishing a trade partnership "connects" two nations.
  15. When you gain more recognition, you become more connected.
  16. A Monetary Union is the highest connection a nation can get to a multinational connected currency.
  17. The coin displays a Russian commemorative coin with a pen. Something that is signature indicative of identity, and a blog post can express your opinions and feelings toward something, which is unique to you.
  18. A place on three cents.
  19. Play on post.
  20. Ironically, this badge is of platinum level.
  21. The name explains it all.
  22. This is a play on the Latin term, dicat ave, meaning "Hail to say".
  23. A minter is one who creates coins.
  24. When something is "at large", it is on the loose. To help depict this, I displayed the largest coin ever minted.
  25. The banknote displayed is of high value.
  26. This badge is received for every 1000th edit. Yes, thousandaire is a real word.
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